588 Area Code

580 area code is an area code in the State of Texas assigned to the following cities: Abilene, Allen, Amarillo, Arlington, Austin, Brownwood, Burleson, Carrollton, Cleburne, College Station, Corpus Christi, Dallas (part), Denton, Eastland and Waco. 580 area code covers 1 counties in the State of Texas. 580 area code was put into service on February 1st 1999. To avoid having to memorize this information keep in mind that most people use only their cell phones so having a landline number isn’t common anymore.

588 Area Code

The 588 area code is part of the North American Numbering Plan, or NANP, that provides telephone service across most of the continental U.S. as well as in parts of Canada and Mexico. It includes all or part of 25 states and has over 2 million residents.

If you live in a 588 area code, you will find that your home phone number consists of 3 digits before the 1 digit prefix.

The 588 area code is used in these states and counties:
• California: Tuolumne County, the western portion of Mariposa County.
• Illinois: Cook County, northwestern part of DuPage County, and a small section of Will County.
• Nevada: Parts of Douglas, Esmeralda, Lincoln, and Nye counties
• Oklahoma: Tulsa County. The largest city within the 588 area code is Las Vegas in Nevada.

The original area code for most of Nevada was 725. It covered all of Nevada from 1947 to 1992 when it was divided. In 1998, further division reduced 588 to its current state, and in 2002, more division split 588 into 775.

Within a year (2003), 775 was split into three new codes with Las Vegas receiving new area code 702 and Reno-Sparks getting 682, and Carson City staying with 541.

588 Country Code

  1. The 588 country code is for Trinidad and Tobago. The country is located in the Caribbean islands, with an area of about 5,128 sq mi.

  2. It was originally a British colony that achieved independence in 1962 but remained close to Great Britain economically and politically thereafter.

  3. There are about 1.34 million people in 588, with a population density of 187 per sq mi. The capital and largest city are Port of Spain, which also serves as a cultural hub for Trinidad and Tobago. Some of its other major cities include Scarborough and Curepe.

  4. A majority of residents speak English, but some Spanish is also widely spoken among bilingual locals who attend both schools and social events that host native Spanish speakers.

  5. To make international calls to 588, dial a major city’s area code with 1 plus 868 (868 for Trinidad and Tobago).

  6. Dial 8 then your country’s exit code number, followed by your desired number. For example, if you wanted to call someone in Trinidad and Tobago from India, it would be +1868 XXXXXX.

Text From Area Code 141

141 is an area code that is most often associated with locations in the Canadian province of New Brunswick.

The region currently served by this area code includes the major cities and towns of Saint John, Moncton, Fredericton, and Bathurst.

Other smaller communities outside of these metropolitan areas also use 141 as their local phone number prefix.

141 was established in 1953 as one of Canada’s first area codes, and at a time when only a handful of communities had been converted over to dial service. When it was assigned, 141 covered most of New Brunswick’s populous areas.

In 1999, nearly 50 years after 141 had been put into use, New Brunswick dial codes expanded from 5 digits to 6 with area code 506.

The new prefix was assigned to most of northwestern New Brunswick and several small communities around Saint John that had previously used area code 782. This change left 141 free for assignment elsewhere in Canada.

588 Police Code

  1. The 588 police code is the area code in Biddeford, Maine. When dialing the area code and then the phone number, one must go through the Operator before it can connect.

  2. While some may believe that they can dial 8-5-8 and then a ten-digit number with no problem, this will not work and your call will be terminated. What you need to do is dial 1 first to reach an operator.

  3. The 588 police code is not a valid emergency response phone number, but it is a valid area code. It can be used by you or your family to call friends and family who live in Biddeford, Maine.

  4. They will also not accept collect calls from other locations because they are not associated with any carrier. If you do try to use that code, then you will find that your call was terminated.

  5. Using 588 to reach a person in Biddeford, Maine is not advised because of how costly it can be. It is just not feasible to call that code when making long-distance calls because you may pay as much as $1 per minute for your call.

  6. By using a regular phone number that can dial 10-10-xxx, you can reach people in Biddeford without worrying about such high costs.

588 Phone Exchange

The 588 area code was put into place to cover a large number of new and small communities. The purpose of the 588 area code is to provide people who live outside the Montreal metro with a local phone number.

If you’re new to the area, you can now have a hometown feel even if you live on an island or in a small rural town.

When you make calls to Montreal, your call will now be completed by a local number. You will have access to special rates and deals that are reserved for local numbers.

Your friends, family, and colleagues will know where you live and can stop referring to your cellphone number.

The 588 area code was implemented to improve communication between small communities outside of Montreal and people living in Montreal.

The 588 area code can be used in most cases where you would use a Montreal number. It is also possible to create your custom ringtone to alert you that someone is calling from a local number. In some cases, calls will be automatically routed and completed using VoIP technology.

For example, if your business has an office in Montreal but you have customers who are based outside of town, they’ll now be able to reach you without any problems!

512 Area Code

  1. The first call made from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the United States took place on January 25, 1915. Because of this, this area code is also known as the birth of long-distance calling.

  2. 513 is a telephone area code that was created in 1947 as one of the original 86 North American Numbering Plan areas.

  3. It serves southeast Ohio, including Cincinnati and many surrounding communities. Over 2 million people live within its service area.

  4. 519 is a telephone area code for southwestern Ontario, Canada. It was created in 1998 by adding another 3 to area code 905, which originally covered all of southwestern and west-central Ontario.

  5. The 519 area code’s first use was July 25, 2001. 519 also includes several first-order central offices serving portions of Minnesota.

650 Area Code

In October 1997, the first two area codes were added - 878 for Santa Clara County and 408 for San Francisco.

It was decided that these new area codes should be used to alleviate the current pressure on the Bay Area’s then-current area codes 415 and 628 by having them only cover the north bay (northern San Mateo County) and southeast bay (southern Alameda County) respectively. This made 584 an unused area code.

When numbers 628, 415, and 408 started to run out in 2000, a new area code 925 was added. This necessitated another split for area code 584: Marin County would be moved to area code 415.

In August 2001, area code 510 was added as an overlay for all of Oakland, Berkeley, and Hayward, as well as parts of Richmond, El Cerrito, and San Leandro. This necessitated another split for area code 650: numbers from 540 through 559 were moved to 510.
500 Range Code ( 503)

419 Area Code

  1. Since the formation of the North American Numbering Plan in 1947, Ohio has been served by three areas codes: 216 (Cleveland and its suburbs), 419 (Toledo), and 513 ( Cincinnati).

  2. This system began to break down in 1996 when the 438 area code was created to serve all of Ohio outside of the original three codes. Since then, a variety of changes have taken place.

  3. The 818 area code was created in 1998 to serve cell phones and internet services while expanding coverage throughout Ohio.

  4. The 614 area code was created in 2000 as an overlay to 438 to serve cell phones, pagers, and Internet services.

  5. However, neither 419 nor 513 were affected by these changes, which allowed people within their respective areas to continue using their old phone numbers. In 2004, a new area code 330 was created as an overlay for both 419 and 513.

  6. The number shortage in Cleveland was relieved in 2011 when 937 was created as an overlay to 216. This made room for the existing 216 numbers in Southeast Ohio, Southwestern Pennsylvania, and Northwest West Virginia.

  7. Those new numbers were originally intended for local users only, but within a year people outside of those areas were also able to obtain numbers from 937.

588 area code


Area codes were created in 1947 by AT&T to more efficiently assign phone numbers to customers. The first area codes went into use on January 1, 1947, as part of a three-way split of area codes in the eastern U.S., but they weren’t used until April 1, 1947 because of World War II at the time.

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What phone number does the area code 469 cover?

The 588 area code covers the following states: Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. The 469 area code covers the following states: Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

I’m looking for the area code for 586 in America.

After getting my phone line installed, the phone company sent me a letter with my area code. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar enough with our country’s numbering system to figure out which one that is. Can you please help me find out what the 588 area code is?

Are you referring to 587 as the area code for the Calgary region?

The 587 area code is not the area code for the Calgary region. The 588 area code is the most current and accurate. - I found this information when I was researching area codes in Alberta

Which area code is 585?

The 585 area code was originally assigned to much of northern New York, primarily covering the Adirondack region. However, since that time the northeastern portion of the state has been split off and new area codes introduced. This leaves the original 585 area code mostly unused in its original territory, although it is retained as a second overlay for areas located near Syracuse.


Area codes can be an interesting topic for many people. Knowing what the area code is will help determine a part of their geographical location. Many people may be wondering about how to figure out what the area code is, but this task is quite simple. One way would be to go on their phone and find it there; some people may not want to do that, though, and would prefer a more old-school method of research.

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