5 Tips for Designing Successful EDDM Products

When you are planning to get the best-printed marketing tools for reaching out to your local audience more effectively, EDDM products can be the best bet for you. EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail service allows you to pick the desired area where most of your target audiences are and send them ads of discounts or essential services that they will get at their doorstep. Cost-effective and easy, this can be an efficient marketing choice for small and medium-sized businesses.

So, if you are trying to design an effective EDDDM product, you need to follow the thumb rules that we are talking about. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Headline and Content

When one looks at your product, there should be something eye-catching enough to grab the attention immediately. The headline will do the trick for you. Create a catchy headline that will immediately convey what your brand is offering.

Once you are done with the headline, the next thing that you need to do is create the content for the EDDM product. For that, you need to focus on how much space you have. Ask the company offering full service EDDM to inform you and according to that, create your content. This should be error-free, informative, and concise.

Offer Coupon

When you are getting your EDDM product printed, offer something. People love a good discount. Otherwise, why will they pay attention? So, make sure that you are offering some discount that will make your potential customer engage with you. You can offer coupons that can be cut from the EDDM product and used for getting the discount when your customers are visiting your store. This way you will also get the idea of how successful your EDDM endeavor has been.

CTA and Contact

You have conveyed the message and shared the coupon or code. Now, it is time to give your audience a direction. A proper Call-to-Action offers more effective results than anything else. So, make sure you are leaving a CTA in the product you are printing. “Buy now”, “Call us”, “Shop Now”, “Connect on Facebook”, “Share QR Code”, can be your CTA. And after that, clearly state your contact information. Generally, people look for contact in the footer or the end page. Make sure you are making the contact details pop out with properly legible font and contrasting color.

Images and Graphics

The human being is a visual creature. You surely want to attract more attention to your advertisement. And that can happen when you are using some stunning visuals with that. When you are designing your EDDM product, you can use the images to attract them. If possible, use high-resolution original images. If it is not possible, go for stock images but take care of the quality of the image first.

White Space

While designing an EDDM product like a postcard, flyer, or brochure, make sure you are leaving enough white space in the design. Too much text and/or images should not overwhelm the customers. If you are leaving white space in the design, it will balance your content and make the advertisement more appealing.

So, now as you know how you can design successful EDDM products, what are you waiting for? Hire a reputed company that offers EDDM full service and set the ball rolling. Make sure you are hiring a company that has more than 4-star ratings on Google and BBB accreditation.