4 Best Rental Booking Software in 2021

The use of rental booking via online means is increasing day by day, but it is hard to find an all-in-one software in this regard. That’s why, in this thread, I am going to share one of the best and reliable rental booking software.

1. Reservety

Reservety is one of my most favourite rental booking software. Indeed, it is the best option either you want to track inventory or scheduling requirements. With Reservety, you can also include coupons and discount offers on your software. Although you can also explore a variety of Reservety rental software features here, but I am also listing them below:

  • Offers 30+ payment options
  • Provide multilanguage support
  • User-friendly interface with numerous design templates and hosting properties
  • Optimize shipping routs
  • Allows real-time updates

2. Rentrax

For real-time inventory management, the use of Rentrax is a good choice. It doesn’t improve your productivity but also makes it seamless to manage rental items with this software. It is also considered a trustworthy POS system where it is easy to promote your rental services and products.

3. Ski Rental Systems

It is another reputed rental booking software which offers all necessary features. It is good to track all rental items with real-time updates by using this platform. With dynamic pricing features, you can also customize the price of rental items. Likewise, you can calculate the rental items’ price hourly, weekly etc.


It is another rental software that usually offers services while renting construction equipment and track their transformation. It is also easy to integrate this renting solution with ERP. Resource planning, equipment administration and order processing are also some exciting properties that WYNNE delivers.

Hopefully, these software would assist you in choosing the right rental booking software. However, if you have more suggestions, then you can share your thoughts by commenting below!