4 Best Places to Prepare WELL AP Exam

WELL Accredited Professional is basically an expert who takes care of wellness and health standards in buildings. Each year, a good amount of engineers and architects appear in WELL AP exams, but only a few of them pass it. However, in this thread, we are going to share one of the best resources that can help you in preparing WELL AP exam.


GBRI is one of the most reliable names when it comes to preparing sustainability and green building exams. Their courses are one of the best-designed ones. Even you can prepare for WELL AP exam with GBRI within 5 weeks with several discounts and scholarship offers. Moreover, GBRI also gives a money-back guarantee that is good for students who have doubts.


As you can guess from the name that Green Building Education Services is facilitating architecture students in their careers in different ways. This platform offers 300+ courses for different green building students. Hopefully, this place would also assist students and professional in passing the WELL AP exam.

3. Udemy

If you want to go with a globally known option, then you can find various WELL AP courses at Udemy. Withal, I would suggest you check previous users’ reviews and ratings before picking any particular course. It is also important to see how many lectures and questions such courses are offering.


It is basically known as the American Society of Interior Designers, but yes, they offer WELL AP exam registration and preparation packages. Hopefully, you would get benefited from them.