3Ps On How To Sell Services Like Copywriting

Why don’t people understand the value of your services? I used to think the same way. How come people don’t understand the value that I am providing or the power of my service? How come they can’t see that I am sincere, that I am willing to do what it takes. Why don’t they even give me a chance?

You know here’s what I’ve learned. No one is obligated to understand what you sell. No one is obligated to buy from you. It is not their job to understand what we do. It is our job to communicate the value of what we do, so they could buy from us.

So, it has to do with us, we got to fix what we are projecting. What offer we are presenting to the marketplace, so if no one is buying from you or paying attention, it’s not their fault.

It is our fault, until we own it, we cannot fix anything. So, when it comes to selling a service, understand there is a big difference between selling a service versus a product, because a product is tangible. It’s something that they can touch. They can hold and know this is what they are getting.

But service is not like that. For most services, it’s intangible, it is invisible. You can’t see it and most of the time, they don’t know if you’re actually gonna do what you say, and you’re not gonna do until they have given you money.

So the prospect is taking a big risk. How do I know I could trust you? So, I am going to give you 3P’s that you can implement.


When it comes to selling your services, you’re selling the invisible, the first P is positioning. How do you precision yourself, how do you position and present your offer in the marketplace. Do you position yourself as high-end or low-end or mid-end.

What makes you different from your competitors? Positioning provides comfort to your prospects. If they know you are the expert, if they know that you are the authority in your industry, they feel more at ease. If you have testimonials, if you have case studies, if you have any forms of social proof, that’s a plus.


Do you understand the buying psychology of your potential prospects? What are their emotional needs? Why are they buying from you, not what they say, but why are they actually buying from you?

Do you know those things? Do you know their frustrations? Do you know what they’re actually going through, feeling and experiencing psychologically? Do they see how your service would be able to eliminate or reduce some of the pains that they’re experiencing?


How do you price your services? If you price yourself as a one-time transaction or frequently. If you price yourself in a transactional way, such as per hour or per day, you will have a transactional relationship with your clients. So, price yourself that you are there for long term. You’re looking for a long-term relationship and that you’re there in every step of the way. As they grow, you grow.

So, these are the three Ps: Positioning, Psychology, and pricing: the ultimate strategy to sell your services.

Post Contributed by Usama Sohail. He runs a personal blog at usamawrites.xyz and collects top websites links at linkscollections.com