3 Things to Consider if you Have a Broken Laptop Screen

Accidentally the laptop fell from your hand? Is there a broken screen of the laptop? First, take a deep breath and remind yourself not to fret over this sort of problem. Because, these days, replacing the broken laptop screen is not any more considered a tedious job. Well, we know that mishaps can unexpectedly degrade the overall device performance. Moreover, a broken laptop screen can negatively impact the entire productivity.

Because, nowadays, the laptop has become one of the most crucial electronic equipment when it comes to mitigating our major-minor requirements. So, if you are one of those, who are highly dependent on the laptop, to acquire certain information or to submit official mails to your clients, then you must keep the gadget in proper order.

However, a laptop is a critical electronic unit where if any of its parts get damaged, the entire device will become dysfunctional. Certain components including hard drive or RAM can be repaired easily with the intervention of professionals. However, when it comes to the laptop screen, it can not be repaired — it needs to be replaced.

Additionally, the laptop screen is the most fragile component. Although, it won’t break the bank to replace the laptop screen, still you need to be extremely careful. However, if you have broken the laptop display somehow, here is how you should now deal with the situation.

Major Symptoms Caused by Accidental Laptop Screen Damage

Before you opt for a repair or replacement procedure, make sure you have checked its warranty period. Because the renowned laptop brands provide a maximum of 1 year of the warranty period with their products. So, if the device gets damaged within that limited period, it will be automatically replaced by the manufacturers.

And, here are the most common symptoms that you will most likely get after accidental laptop screen damage:

  • Cracked, Scratched, or Broken glass
  • Black “splotches” or "Inkspots” on the screen
  • Dark or light spots
  • Vertical or horizontal lines
  • Blurry Display screen

Irrespective of the criticality of the laptop screen damage, you need to avail immediate steps to retain the functionality.

Steps that You Need to Implement

Well, dealing with a broken laptop screen is not that difficult. However, it is highly recommended not to opt for buying a new one in the first place without thoroughly checking the defective laptop screen. Because, at times, just replacing the laptop screen even does the magic.

Attaching an External Monitor Sometimes Work

Do you have to submit an important official document the next day and you broke the laptop screen? Well, then it might have been a horrifying experience for you. But, now, you can resolve this problem by just linking an external monitor with the laptop. It will be better if you leave for the professionals of Laptop Repair Dubai.

Just attaching a second monitor will critically help you in examining whether the other parts of the device are in a functional state. However, if you don’t own an external monitor except for the laptop screen, you won’t be able to perform this action. In certain circumstances, you can lend a second monitor from the nearby authorized laptop shops until the broken laptop screen gets fixed. So, act accordingly based on the urgency of the laptop.

Opt for Replacing the Broken Screen

Now that the screen has completely shattered, you have no options in your hand rather than repairing it. To be specific, this is the only solution that will be the most suitable one at this point. Apart from that, attaching a second monitor might not always work. So, don’t hesitate to get an authentic laptop screen.

However, you need to be extremely attentive during the entire screen replacement procedure. Avoid damaging any other component while attaching the new laptop screen. Additionally, you should have adequate information about the installation process of the cables and wires of the screen, webcam, and other antennas.

Also, don’t forget to put back the released screws of the laptop in its right place which you have removed to replace the laptop screen. Finally, complete the repairing job after thoroughly inspecting if you have placed all the laptop parts correctly.

Because one minor mistake can make the device unusable. So, before reassembling the display, avoid making any mistakes, because it will be a hectic and time-consuming process to put back the screws, panels and other panels once again. And, whenever you are opting for a screen replacement, get it done through the licensed company. Laptop repair Dubai, who offers guaranteed and authentic laptop parts. So, grab the best deal within a reasonable price.

Get a High-Range Laptop

Well, buying a new Laptop should be your last option when you encounter a broken laptop screen scenario. Because repairing the laptop can be performed within half the price of a new laptop.

However, if you have drastically failed to replace the broken laptop screen or to attach a second monitor, this is the only option that should be considered. And, when you are replacing the existing defective laptop with a new one, don’t forget to recycle the leftover useful components.

Moreover, if the laptop model that you own is an old one then, it is high time that you get a new one. In certain cases, probably after a laptop screen replacement, the device might not sustain for a prolonged period.


Eventually, it will ultimately need an ample amount of repair costs to further replace the dysfunctional parts. So, visit your nearby laptop repair Dubai shop and buy an advanced laptop that will mitigate your necessary demands.

So, Replace the Screen Now!

A broken laptop screen can be injurious in every aspect. So, make sure you have availed all the necessary safety precautions before replacing it. Moreover, you can avail the professional guidance of Laptop Repair Dubai for further troubleshooting tips. So, get the best now!