One of the oldest cities in Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is the centre of attraction for tourists visiting Rajasthan for a holiday or vacation. When it comes to short duration holiday traveling, it is better to plan your itinerary in advanced before setting out on the road, if you don’t want to waste any time on thinking and deciding where to go next. Book a taxi service in Jaisalmer in advanced so that it can arrive at the station to take you to your hotel.

In case you are looking forward on spending a weekend in Jaisalmer, here is a two-day travel itinerary to help you make the best of your weekend getaway in Jaisalmer.

Day 1

If you are planning to spend only two days in Jaisalmer, you should aim at reaching here early morning, so that you can visit more sightseeing places in your two days here. If you reach early in the morning, we recommend you to visit these locations on your first day:

  1. Spend your morning and noon exploring the most popular location and the glory of Jaisalmer — Sonar Qila, aka the Golden Fort of Jaisalmer. The fort itself is huge and there are various havelis, temples, and monuments inside the four walls of the Fort where you can explore Jaisalmer in all its royal richness. Visiting Jaisalmer is incomplete without visiting the Fort.

  2. Have your lunch in one of the Dhabas or eateries inside the fort itself, where they offer you the traditional Jaisalmeri food, such as Daal Baati, Sogra, Daal Moth, Laal Maas, etc. Famous Marwadi delicacies made with pure ghee and jaggery will surely melt your heart and make you drool every time you think about it.

  3. Spend your mid days watching one of the puppet shows held inside the fort itself. You can contact your tour guide to get you the address and tickets of the puppet show, or you can just ask the nearby people about it, and they would probably give you the directions correctly, since these puppet shows are pretty popular here and are loved by the visitors.

  4. Spend your evening basking in the beauty of Gadisar Lake. Watch the colours of the beautiful sunset as the lake becomes a canvas drenched in red, yellow, orange and blue. Spend some quality time with your partner, or family while boating in the lake, or just sit by the shore to watch the greenery in the area.

  5. Dine in on a rooftop restaurant facing the majestic fort and bask in the moonlight of tradition, culture and joy. Some hotels even offer live folk music during dinners. You can check and enquire about them to get the best of your dinners.

Day 2

  1. On the second day, you can set out early to visit one of these —

  2. Khaba Fort

  3. Kuldhara Village

Both of these locations are infamous for being haunted and have an eerie sense in their environment. They are located in secluded area, so you will need to hire a cab service in Jaisalmer to reach here.

  1. After having your lunch mid-way, you can enjoy desert activities such as desert safari, paragliding, dune bashing, jeep safari, rope activities, and many more. Go for camel riding and watch the sun set in the beautiful golden desert while it reflects the colours of the sky and sun. This beautiful desert is one of the reasons why Jaisalmer is called the Golden City of Rajasthan.

  2. Spend your evenings in one of the desert camps, such as the desert camp in Sam Dunes. Watch the Kalbeliya dancers make their stirring dance moves with surprising stunts, eat by the side of a campfire with live music and dance, sit under the starry night sky with cold breeze brushing off your skin. The camps are often situated by the side of oasis which makes it an even more beautiful site to be at.

  3. You can leave the night early morning or at night after dinner to catch your train, bus or flight back to your home town.