1974 Half Dollar Value

The 1974 half dollar value ranges from about $4 to more than $26, depending on the condition and the mint that struck the coin. The Denver mint and Philadelphia mint coins are both common and worth only melt value, but other issues are scarce and valuable in all conditions. Consult with coin values charts and your Guide Book of United States Coins to find out how much your 1974 half dollar is worth.

1974 Half Dollar Value

There are three types of 1974 halves with different values. You have your ‘heavy’ Philadelphia minted coins which have a value of about $5, the ‘medium’ or Denver minted coins valued at about $1, and finally the ‘light’ San Francisco coins that are worth about 50 cents.

This is where things get a little complicated. If your coin has a ‘mint’ mark on it and is from Philadelphia (P), it’s considered 'heavy.

The coins with no mint mark are from Denver (D) and are called ‘light.’ All coins from San Francisco (S) have a value of about 50 cents.

This depends on your grade though, if you have a gem or uncirculated condition 1974 D half a dollar, it could be worth quite a bit more.

If your 1974 half dollar is in great shape and has no scratches or blemishes, you might want to get it graded for quality.

This will tell you if you have a coin worth $1 or $5! Your value may jump a thousand percent depending on its condition!

While these old coins aren’t worth very much at all in regular circulated condition, they can be valuable if they are in mint condition with no scratches and no wear.

What Makes 1974 Half-Dollar Rare

Common coins, like the 1974 half dollar, are not worth that much. These coins are circulated and often used in everyday life so they lose their value after a while.

Certain types of coins can be worth more than others because of their metal content or the coin’s age. Find out how you can get a fair price for your 1974 half dollar at a coin shop near you.

If you still have a coin from 1974 that is in very good condition, it is probably worth some money. However, if your coin has been heavily used, it won’t be worth as much.

The metal content of your coins will also make a difference in how much money you can get for them. A small increase in the amount of gold or silver could result in thousands of dollars more for you at trade-in time!

Several factors determine how much your 1974 half dollars are worth. If they are in mint condition, they could be worth a few hundred dollars each.

However, if they have seen heavy use and aren’t in very good shape, you may not get much money for them at all.

You also need to look at their metal content because a small increase or decrease can result in thousands of dollars more!

1974 Half Dollar Silver Content

In 1974, there was a change to the composition of the US Coin, which made the coins struck that year much less valuable.

The older half-dollar coins (pre-1974) had more than 40% silver content, but in 1974 that number dropped to zero.

These pre-1974 coins will trade as collectibles today, depending on how good of condition they are in and other factors like their age.

The 1974 half dollar is composed of a mix of 74% copper and 26% nickel. This change makes all these coins worth much less than they were, even if they are in excellent condition. The only exception is an error coin that was struck in 40% silver.

If you have one of these, it would be worth thousands of dollars in near-perfect condition. A mistake like that could not happen today because technology and quality controls have made sure there will never again be any US coins made with silver content.

Like all US coins, if your 1974 half dollar is in excellent condition you can expect to get face value for it. That means a small premium if it’s still in its original mint packaging.

This only applies to uncirculated coins that are flawless and show no signs of wear or abuse. You won’t get much more than that because collectors aren’t interested in these coins since there is little silver content left.

1977 Half Dollar Value

1977 half dollars are worth five cents more than their 1974 counterparts. This is because there were 3,887,000 more 1977 coins minted compared to 1974.

The difference in mintage levels may have caused 1977 coins to be worth a slightly higher amount than their predecessors, but it was only worth five cents more.

It’s difficult to find this date without having some wear and tear on it because collectors eagerly sought out the new coin type.

If you have a 1977 half dollar and want to know what it’s worth, we can help. Most coin dealers use a very simple formula that estimates value based on condition and mintage levels. The first thing you’ll need to do is determine whether your half a dollar is in good or fine condition.

If your 1977 half dollar is in good condition, its value is somewhere between $1.20 and $2.70, depending on mintage levels.

Coins that have lower mintages are worth more because they are rarer. If your coin is worn, it will still be worth something but less than a coin that’s in good condition.

You can find out how much your 1977 half dollar is worth by following our guidelines for values below

1973 Half Dollar Value

A 1974 half dollar is worth around $2.25 in 2018, a decrease of 94% since 2001 and 78% since 1982. The Washington quarter replaced the silver Kennedy half a dollar in 1971, but coin collectors and those who want to own a piece of US history still love these coins.

They are used as every day pocket change or handed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms that come with rich stories about their history.

A 1974 half-dollar value is only worth around $2.25 today, down from its $6 peak in 2001. The coin’s 94% decrease since 2001 is more than three times greater than other coins of similar age, like pennies and dimes.

The quarter replaced Kennedy halves in 1971 but collectors kept them as souvenirs and a symbol of US history.

In addition to its value, a 1974 half dollar is also easy to identify. The coin’s weight changes each year based on how much precious metal is in it.

Unlike coins made of nickel or copper-nickel, these quarters use 90% silver and 10%, copper. Silver content varies from year to year based on worldwide mine production and demand for silver during different periods of history.

1980 Half Dollar Value

A 1974 half dollar is the last minted coin from the United States Mint to depict President Richard Nixon. Though it is not worth its face value ($0.50), it can be worth a few dollars as a collector’s item.

A 1979 half dollar celebrates our national bicentennial and commemorates independence from Great Britain in 1776. These coins are also collectible but are worth less than their face value ($0.50).

The mint in San Francisco struck a few million 1974 and 1975 half dollars. They are worth $1 or less when worn and $2 when still in good condition.

The numismatic value depends on what grade it is in, so check a coin grading scale if you plan to sell it. At that point, you may want to consider selling your coin for its silver content instead of its face value.

There are some exceptions to these values. A 1974-S silver half dollar is worth $3 to $4, depending on its condition.

The 1975 mint error, struck with three different reverse dies and known as a Type II obverse variety, can be worth $15 or more in good condition.

Its value increases if it is a gem quality. Other rare varieties of half dollars can also be valuable; check a coin grading scale to learn more about your coin’s value.

1979 Half Dollar Value

The list below can help you find the approximate value of a 1974 half dollar. Make sure that the coin has not been damaged and does not have any corrosion or spots on it:
-Uncirculated = $2.00 - $3.00 -Extremely Fine = $1.25 - $1.50
-Very Fine = $0.80-$1.00
-Fine/Good = less than $0.50
If your coin is in extremely fine condition or better, it can be worth as much as $4.00. The value of your half a dollar also depends on what year it was produced

For example, in 1979, several different mints produced half dollars. Each of these coins is worth between $0.80 and $1.40: -Bugs Bunny -Franklin-Kennedy -Washington-Lincoln -Walking Liberty

1976 Half Dollar Value

How much is a 1974 Half Dollar worth? When deciding to buy or sell, a lot of people might wonder how much is their coin worth.

The actual value of the coin is dependent on its condition, the date, and other factors which are explained below.

There are a variety of resources available to research coins online; however, they may not be 100% accurate.

How to Clean a Coin. There are several ways to clean coins, and many companies will advertise their process with labels such as non-abrasive or no harsh chemicals.

However, these terms are often misused by individuals who do not know what they are doing. Some cleaning methods can reduce a coin’s value, by altering its original surface or coloration.

What is Face Value? The face value of a coin refers to its legal tender status. In other words, how much is it worth in its current form and as money?

The term dates back to when coins were minted with a finite value, which was decided by their intrinsic precious metal content. Currently the U.S.

Mint coins are valued based on their metallic composition, but if you want to cash them in that is generally what they will be worth (minus a small handling fee).

1974 half dollar value


Having the right knowledge can be extremely valuable. If you’re not sure how much your 1974 half dollar is worth, don’t take it to a coin dealer without knowing that you might be overpaying. Do some research on these coins to see the value before making a decision. Knowledge is power when it comes to coins like these!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Important Questions For Your Knowledge:

Would a 1974 half-dollar be rare?

There are a few different ways to tell if your coin is a valuable rarity, or just an average circulating coin. The most common way to assess the value of a Kennedy half a dollar is to determine the minting year and denomination.

What was the error found in the 1974 quarter?

The obverse of the coin has George Washington on it. The inscription reads LIBERTY, while the year is inscribed around the edge of the coin. On the reverse side, we have a cornucopia filled with a variety of fruit, with a stalk of wheat hanging from one side and an olive branch on top.

A 1974 Silver Dollar is worth around ten dollars, depending on wear and type of collector.

It was produced in Philadelphia and San Francisco. Type 1 coins have a D or S mintmark under the date, depending on the location of production, while Type 2 coins lack these initials. A type 2 coin with at least some wear is worth more than one that is still bright in appearance. All 1974 Silver Dollars with little or no wear should be valued similarly for collectors because it’s hard to determine where it was minted by looking at them.

Did I have a 1974 silver 50-cent coin in my hand just now?

I just held a 1974 silver 50-cent coin in my hand and it was really cool. I learned that the value of the coin is anywhere from US$1 to US$10.

Which are the most valuable Kennedy Half Dollars?

While some Kennedy half-dollar coins can be worth up to $5, others will only be worth a few dollars. Common date Kennedy halves are worth face value and are not considered valuable.

Which Kennedy half a dollar, out of all of them, is valuable?

With over half a century since being minted, any coin from this era is likely to be worth quite a bit. With that being said, there are some specific dates and coins that will bring home the most cash. The date, of course, is the most important factor in how much the coin is worth.

What year are halves worth money?

In 1974, the Philadelphia mint stopped production of half dollars. This doesn’t mean that you can’t find them in circulation anymore because they are still a popular US coin for spending at vending machines. It does mean, however, that the value of a 1974 coin is much lower than it would be if it were minted in 1965 or 1968. That being said, one thing to consider before selling your 1974 halves is the condition that they are in and the demand for them.

Where on the Kennedy half a dollar of 1974 does the mint mark show up?

The mint mark on the Kennedy half dollar of 1974 appears on the reverse (back) side, which is visible only when you have the coin in hand and are looking at it head-on. There should be a P or D stamped below the date. The design elements for coins dated before 1977 also include an E for Philadelphia and an S for San Francisco; coins from 1979 to 1981 feature an L.

What year coin of the silver dollar is the most valuable?

The 1974 silver dollar, as an example, has a value of about $13.00 in a slab (when coin is encased in clear plastic) and about $9.00 for just the coin. It’s important to know how much you have on hand because there’s no guarantee that the new administration will be taking steps to keep prices from going up again anytime soon.


The 1974 half dollar is worth 50 cents if it has a mint mark. It can be worth $2 without the mint mark, but that’s rare. A coin with a mint mark is more valuable because of how many were made and how long they were in circulation.

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1974 Half Dollar Value

I cut it in half from 1973 to 1972 and 1976 and everyone had this mark.

1974 Half Dollar Value