1800 Dolares A Pesos Argentinos

1800 Dolares A Pesos Argentinos is 263291.58. Since one U.S. dollar is worth 146.27 Argentine pesos right now, September 27, 2022 will be worth 146.27 Argentine pesos.

1800 USD to ARS Conversion Rate History - Last ten days

Date American dollars Argentine Pesos
Saturday, 09/17/22 $1,800 ARS 143.5250
Sunday, 09/18/22 $1,800 ARS 143.5250
Monday, 09/19/22 $1,800 ARS 140.8970
Tuesday, 09/20/22 $1,800 ARS 144.3730
Wednesday, 09/21/22 $1,800 ARS 144.6490
Thursday, 09/22/22 $1,800 ARS 144.9020
Friday, 09/23/22 $1,800 ARS 145.1790
Saturday, 09/24/22 $1,800 ARS 145.4870
Sunday, 09/25/22 $1,800 ARS 145.4870
Monday, 09/26/22 $1,800 ARS 146.8790

1800 US Dollar to Argentine Peso

From the United States to Argentina, convert 1800 USD to ARS. Exchange-Rates.com The exchange rates used by the currency converter are updated every 5 to 10 minutes.

Find out more about the USD/ARS exchange rate, including a chart showing how prices have changed over time. For all currency changes, we use the mid-market exchange rate.

How to figure out how many U.S. Dollars 1800 Argentine Pesos is?

To determine how much 1800 Argentine Pesos are worth in U.S. Dollars, multiply 1800 by 0.0068 since 1 ARS equals 0.0068 USD. By doing that easy multiplication, you can determine how many U.S. Dollars 1800 Argentine Pesos are worth.
You can look up more Argentine Peso to U.S. Dollar conversions if you want.

Dollar Versus Argentine Peso

One dollar is worth 146.26090 Argentine pesos right now, and one Argentine peso is worth 0.00684 dollars.

The dollar value in Argentine pesos is shown by the USD/ARS ratio, which equals 146.26090. USD/ARS is the exchange rate between the U.S. Dollar and the Argentine Peso. It is the value of the U.S. Dollar in the Argentine Peso.

In the same way, the ARS/USD ratio (= 0.00684) shows how much the Argentine peso is worth in dollars. ARS/USD is the exchange rate between the Argentine Peso and the U.S. Dollar. It shows how much the Argentine currency is worth in U.S. dollars.

The symbol for money in the U.S. is $, while the symbol for money in Argentina is $a.


  • USD is the ISO code for the U.S. dollar, and the currency of the U.S. ARS is the ISO code for the Argentine Peso, the country’s currency.

  • The Argentine peso and the dollar are written as USD/ARS. It shows how much 1 ARS (the base currency) is worth compared to 1 USD (the quoted or secondary currency). The USD/ARS pair shows how many reais are needed to buy a single dollar.


Change 1800 USD to ARS. Exchange- Rates.com Every 5 to 10 minutes, the currency converter is updated. Look at a chart of the USD/ARS exchange rate over time. When changing currencies, the mid-market rate is used.

U.S. Dollar

The official currency of the United States of America is the USD, or the United States dollar. The U.S. dollar, called the “greenback,” comprises 100 cents. It is different from other dollar-based currencies because it has the symbol $ or US$.

Argentine Peso

Argentina’s currency is the peso, which was set up as the peso convertible. The symbol $ is used before the amount, just like in many other countries that use peso or dollar currencies. It has 100 centavos that make it up. Its code in ISO 4217 is ARS.

Since the middle of the 20th century, the Argentine currency has gone through periods of severe inflation and even hyperinflation. The currency has also been changed to new versions at rates ranging from 100:1 to 10,000:1. The peso introduced in 1992 was worth ten trillion pesos that had been used until 1970.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the Argentine peso has lost a lot of value. In 2021, the annual inflation rate was over 51%. When the peso was first introduced in 1992, the official exchange rate for the U.S. dollar was 1:1. From 2002 to 2008, it was around 3:1. From 2009 to 2015, it went from 6:1 to 10:1. In July 2022, the official exchange rate between the Argentine peso and the U.S. dollar was 131 ARS to 1 USD, while the unregulated rate was 298:1.


  1. In the past, amounts in pesos were written with a “$” sign and sometimes, especially when used in a formal setting, with symbols that showed what kind of currency it was, like “$+mn100” or “m$n100” for pesos Moneda Nacional.

  2. The peso, introduced in 1992, is just called “peso” and is written with a “$” sign in front of it. Earlier pesos replaced currencies called “pesos,” Sometimes, there were two kinds of “pesos” in circulation simultaneously. It made it important to have a way to tell them apart, at least during the transition period. The peso replaced a currency called “austral” in 1992.

Peso Before 1826

The eight-real silver coin from Spain was often called a peso. After Argentina gained independence, it started making its coins in reales, soles, and escudos. Silver eight-real (or sol) coins are still called pesos. Together with coins from nearby countries, these coins were used until 1881.

Peso Fuerte, 1826–1881

In 1826, two pieces of paper money worth pesos were made available. One, the peso fuerte ($F) was a convertible currency. One Spanish ounce (27.0643 g) of 0.916 fine gold was worth 17 pesos Fuertes. In 1881, the peso moneda nacional took its place.

Peso Moneda Corriente, 1826–1881

In 1826, the peso Moneda Corriente ($m/c), which could not be changed, was also introduced. At first, it was worth the same as the peso fuerte, but over time, it lost value.

Even though the Argentine Confederation made 1-, 2-, and 4-centavo coins in 1854, and 100 centavos were worth 1 peso = 8 reales, Argentina didn’t go decimal until 1881. The peso moneda nacional (m$n or $m/n) replaced the earlier currencies at the rate of 1 peso moneda nacional = 8 reales = 1 peso fuerte = 25 peso moneda corriente. One peso moneda nacional coin used to be made of silver and was called a patacón. But the economic crisis of 1890 stopped any more silver coins from being made.

Gold and Silver Pesos 1881 T0 1971

Law no. 733 of 1875 said that one and two-thirds of a gram of gold with a fineness of 900 were equal to one and a half grams of fine gold. It is what the gold peso Fuerte was. This unit was based on the one suggested by the European Congress of Economists in Paris in 1867 and adopted by Japan in 1873. (the Argentine 5 peso Fuerte coin was equivalent to the Japanese 5 yen).

People have called the system that was in place before 1881 “monetary anarchism” (anarchy monetaria). Law No. 1130 of 1881 put an end to this. It made the peso oro sellado (“stamped gold peso”), a coin made of 1.612 g of 900 (90% pure) gold, the monetary unit. The silver peso comprises 25 g of 900 (90% pure) silver. Gold coins with values of 5 and 2.5 pesos, silver coins with values of 1 peso and 50, 20, 10, and 5 centavos, and copper coins with values of 2 and 1 centavo were to be used.

How an Argentine Lives?

The people are one of the best things about living in Argentina. Argentinians are warm, friendly, open, and generous. Even if you’ve only met them once, they’ll invite you to a barbecue without a second thought. They will be glad to help you move and won’t mind if you don’t use their idioms.

Argentina Has Cheap Things to Buy

Meat, apples, cigarettes, rent, gas, and public transportation are some of the things that cost the least. The last four countries are the cheapest of all the ones we looked at. It’s important to remember that the government controls fuel and transportation costs.

the Cheapest Province in Argentina

San Miguel de Tucumán is where you can buy a home for the least amount of money. With prices that are 40% of what they are in Buenos Aires, the city is at the bottom of a list made by MercadoLibre based on 150,000 listings.


Argentina’s peso, which started as a convertible, can be recognized by the sign $ in front of the number, just like the peso or dollar in many other countries. It costs one cent. Its ISO code is ARS. Since the middle of the 20th century, Argentina’s currency has gone through extreme inflation and hyperinflation, with frequent changes ranging from 100:1 to 10,000:1. The peso in 1992 was equal to 10 trillion pesos in 1970.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Here are the most important questions about this topic.

1 - How Many Argentine Pesos Does $2 Million Cost?

As of 04:00 UTC, 2,000,000 USD is worth $293,758,964.00 (ARS) or 293,000,000,758,964 ARS. To change ARS to USD, we use the mid-market exchange rate.

2 - How Much Is a Dollar in the Real World?

Find out what the dollar is worth right now. On Friday, September 23, the official dollar can be bought for $142.64 and sold for $151.85 in banks.

3 - How Many Argentine Pesos Does $6 Million Worth?

As of 00:00AM UTC, 6,000,000 USD is worth $872,924,910.00 (ARS) or 872,924,910.00 (in Argentine Pesos).

4 - What Can You Get for 1000 Argentine Pesos?

The peso’s value has dropped so much that the highest denomination bill, a $1,000 bill, can only buy USD 4, two fast food menus, or eight small bottles of soda.

5 - How Many Argentine Pesos Would $300 Be Worth?

As of 5:00AM UTC, $300 USD is worth $44,105.25 ARS or 44,105.25 in Argentine Pesos 25 cents.

6 - What Exactly Is a Blue Dollar?

Dollar On the black market, the blue dollar is the one that is used, and it is usually worth more than the official one. You can’t buy this dollar in a bank or an official exchange house.

7 - How Much Is an Argentine Blue Euro?

En cuanto a la divisa en el mercado paralelo, el euro blue hoy cotiza a $285.00 para la compra y $288.00 para la venta.

8 - How Do I Get Argentine Reais?

Instead of buying dollars, you could buy reais at a bank or exchange house for up to $200, which is the same as buying dollars (remember that this limit is monthly per person for any foreign currency). It also pays 35% on top of the 30%.

9 - What Is the World’s Most Expensive Coin?

“Forex. com,” says that the Kuwaiti dinar is the best currency. For example, a dinar is the same as almost 14,000 Colombian pesos. It comes from Kuwait, an Arab country in the Persian Gulf. The portal says that “more than 80% of Kuwait’s global income comes from the oil industry.”

10 - Where to Go in Argentina to Live?

Here are some of Argentina’s best places to live.

Bariloche, Chile. If you like being outside, you’ll love the cabins in Bariloche.
2. Rosario.
3. The Sea of Silver.
4. Córdoba.
5. Buenos Aires.
6. Argentine Patagonia .
7. Salta.
8. Lakes Region.


$1800 263291.58 pesos Argentinos 1 USD As of September 27, 2022, it equals 146.27 ARS. Argentina’s peso, which started as a convertible, can be recognized by the sign $ in front of the number, just like the peso or dollar in many other countries. It costs one cent. Its ISO code is ARS.