175 cm In Feet

175 cm equals 5 feet and 8.9 inches or (175 cm = 5’8.9). A foot is 30.48 cm long. The average height of American men is 175.4 centimetres, or around 5 feet 9 inches. The average female height is 161.7 centimeters, or around 5 feet, 3 1/2 inches.

175 Centimeters in Feet

175 Centimeters to Feet

In feet and inches, 175cm equals 5’ 9 3/4". One hundred seventy-five centimeters equals a height of 5 feet, 9.75inches, or 1.75 meters or 170.95972394928963 inches (for those who like to deal with numbers). Indeed, metric conversions and more on our Calculators page.

Outside of North America, most people use the metric system. In Canada and the United States, however, we also use the imperial system. Learn more about other measurement systems on our Learning Center pages.

To convert between inches and centimeters, visit our Tools page for a calculator. Click here for information on converting 175cm to different units of measure, including more options than just Feet. You can ask someone’s height in centimeters, but it’s easier to ask in inches.

175cm is equal to 5’ 9 3/4 when converted from centimeters into feet and inches. Use our calculator to convert from one system of measurement to another quickly and easily. For more information on converting measurements, see our Learning Center pages.

Convert 175 cm
Feet 5.74147
CM 175
Yards 1.91382
Meters 1.75
Inches 68.89764
Miles 0.00109
Kilometers 0.00175

Summary: In feet and inches, 175cm equals 5’ 9 3/4". Outside of North America, the metric system is used most of the time. However, in Canada and the U.S., we use imperial measurements. Click here for information on converting between inches and centimeters.


The international and American spellings of the metric unit of length are correct. Both use the symbol “cm,” which stands for the S.I. prefix for the factor of 1/100. In the old centimeter, gram, and second (CGS) system, the centimeter was the most critical length unit.

Even though most milli- and kilo- technicians use prefixes from the International System of Units for many physical values, many people still use centimeters. However, a centimeter is the width of an adult’s fingernail.

  • There are 100 centimeters in a meter.

  • 10 millimeters make one centimeter.

  • The symbol for the centimeters is cm.

  • When determining an object’s surface area, centimeters squared (cm2) is the standard unit of measurement.

  • One cubic centimeter is equal to one cubic centimeter when calculating volume.

The two most common ways to measure are:

1. Ruler

The most common tool for measuring in math is a ruler. It’s great for measuring things like notebooks, pencils, and even bottles, which are on the smaller side. Most rulers have both centimeters and inches as ways to count. Most rulers have either 15 or 30 centimeters on them.

2. Meter Stick

If you need to measure something in meters or centimeters, you’ll need a meter stick, a measuring tool precisely one meter long. However, a meter stick can estimate how long a table is or how vast a bag is.

Do you probably want to know how big a centimeter is? Here are some things whose sizes can be given in centimeters (cm).

  • Size of a pant’s waistband.

  • Length of captured fish

  • The distance between a car’s tires

  • The space between an individual’s eyes.

  • The dimensions of a pencil

  • The length of one feather

Note: The International System of Units’ symbol for length is cm. However, a centimeter is the width of an adult’s fingernail. There are 100 centimeters in a meter. However, SI stands for the S.I. prefixed for the factor of 1/100.

Feet or Foot (unit)

Only English-speaking countries use the foot or feet as a unit of length. It is usually 12 inches long, a third of a yard. The meter, the primary metric unit, has supplanted the foot and its parts worldwide and in science.

A foot is exactly 30.48 cm long in the United States. However, it was confirmed in 1959. You must use imperial units on road signs. But distances are always shown in miles or yards and never in feet.

1. International Foot

In 1958, the length of an international yard was set at 0.9144 meters by the United States and other countries in the Commonwealth of Nations. So, 0.3048 meters is set as the standard for the international foot.

“ft” is the standard international symbol for a foot. A prime number, frequently represented by an apostrophe, can stand in for a foot, whereas a double prime can represent an inch. For example, 6′2′′ stands for 6 feet and 2 inches.

2. Trivia

Even though the foot is an old unit of measurement, it is close to some common constants (within 2% error).

  • A nautical mile has a total of 6076 feet, equivalent to roughly one minute of arcs on the surface of the Earth. Indeed, this equates to a distance of approximately 101 feet for every arc-second (1/60 of an arc minute).

  • One foot is equivalent to around 1.017 light nanoseconds, given that the speed of light equals 983,571,056.16 feet per second.

Convert Feet
1 foot 12 inches
Unit of Length
Unit system Imperial/U.S.
1 feet 30.48cm
1 feet 0.3048m
1 feet 0.000189394 mile
1 foot 0.33333344 yards

Keep In Mind: Only English-speaking countries use the foot or feet as a unit of length. However, it is usually 12 inches long, a third of a yard. In the United States, a foot is exactly 30.48 cm long (0.3048 meters).

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

Some questions that are related to the keyword “175 cm In Feet” as described below:

1. Is a hundred seventy-five cm a perfect peak?

A hundred seventy-five cm = five-eight nine. A hundred seventy-five cm is taller than about 41.3% of guys and ninety-three. 7% of ladies within the USA. Convert a hundred seventy-five centimeters to feet and inches.

2. What is taken into consideration by a tall man?

The Internet says that you are a tall man if you are at least 6’0" (183 cm) tall. People revolve around the numbers 6’0″ and six’1″ because of the height from which you are tall. This height is known as “rather tall,” “best top,” and evidently “tall.”

3. What do centimeters measure??

Centimeters, which are metric units, are often used to measure length. But these measurements are in centimeters.

4. What does a centimeter square mean?

The square centimeter is the unit of measurement used to figure out how big the item’s surface area is as a whole.

5. What are 5/3 feet in centimeters?

Five feet, three inches (or 5’3"), is the same as 160.02 cm. It is because one foot is 30.48 cm long.

6. Is 165 cm too small?

With an average Indian height of 165 cm, no, you are not short. So, when someone takes a stand, it’s not how tall they are that matters but how strongly they defend their point of view.

7. Are 1 feet the same as 1 foot?

There are no non-standard units of measurement for the foot or feet. However, we can use them to determine how long something or someone is. In addition to being a handy way to figure out how long a trip will take, they can also be used to figure out exact distances.

8. How do you measure height?

Height is a standard way to measure a person’s size in the United States. Usually, inches and feet are used, but centimeters are more common overseas—the S.I. unit for length measurements in meters.

9. How big is one centimeter??

A centimeter is a unit of length used in metrics. Ten millimeters, or 0.01 meter, are equal to 1 centimeter. Indeed, the average size of a cheerio is 1 cm across.

10. Is a 3 cm tumor giant?

The study looked at 720 EGC patients and called tumors less than 3 cm “small” and those more than 3 cm “large.” In 977 AGC patients, small tumors were those less than 6 cm, and large tumors were more than 6 cm.

11. What is 185 cm in feet?

The height of 185 cm is six feet and one inch.

12. What is 178 cm in feet?

The height of 178 cm is 5 feet 10 inches. One foot is about 30.48 cm or 12 inches, so 178 centimeters equals 5.84 feet, 5 feet, and 10 inches.


175 cm equals 5 feet 8.9 inches. Indeed, a foot is 30.48 cm long. Indeed, outside of North America, a lot of people use the metric system. However, in Canada and the U.S., we use imperial measurements. However, click here for information on converting between inches and centimeters.

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What Is a Centimetre?

A metric unit of length is known as the centimeter (cm). Furthermore, it serves as the fundamental measurement in the centimeter-gram-second system. The centimeter is a helpful way to measure the length in many situations. One centimeter is the same as 0.01 meters or 1E-2 meters.

  • What Does Foot Mean?

The symbol for a length unit is ft, which stands for “foot.” It is the same as 0.3048 m, and both the imperial and US customary systems use it. It was made to function more effectively by using the human foot. It can be divided into 12-inch pieces.

  • What Does Inch Mean?

The inch (in) is a standard measurement of length. It is one-twelfth of a foot and one-thirty-sixth of a yard. Even though there have been different rules about how long an inch is, it is still precisely 25.4 mm. The inch is a widely accepted customary unit of length in the US, Canada, and the UK.