12 QUICK $ ACTIONABLE Tips To Boost Your SEO

1.Write Article which going in trend and people need to read because they love and share.

  • Always stay and update in Digital Market because it helps you which Is the idea, technics and options best for you.seo is an organic process which bases on keywords and backlinks.so you will also try to write trending or what people need to read and share. These tips also give boost your traffic by sharing people and give backlinks from another website.first decide your topic which going in trend also use numerical, suspense, and unique words in Title.create pointer for Article which helps you write inflow. any article which is in the flow like connecting words and topics.its help you easily readable and understand what you told. This is a way to get attention and increase traffic.

2.create internal links on every blog and page.

-internal links are link is any link from one page on your website to another page on your website.both users and search engines use links to find your different content and pages. Internal links way promote your weak page, content to attached ranking pages and content because when ranking page, content is rank or read by another person they see another anchor link for the related blog. internal links

3.Use Alt attributes on all images.

-Google can’t read images and videos.because google read binary language.so u want to google read your image and rank image because of its help in SEO. if you will use alt attributes it can read by google.in alt attributes you mention what is your image, also mention in alt attributes related to your image it can easily understand Google crawler. when google reads your image from the alt attribute.its help to rank your website.

4.Resolve Technical issue.

-technical factors are robot.txt, canonical,.htaccess file,sitemap.xml, redirection,404 error handling.you also focus on technical its some technical factors. your website has not any technical issue its shows the best website. make sure you use the google search console. this tool free of cost. google search console monitor your website and notified by email and quickly identified your technical issue, virus detector,404 error, security issue, indexing issue, server error. this means you can fix your technical issues and grow website rank.

5.increase your off-page activity.

-off-page activity is the main part of SEO.because all activity in off-page only to create Backlinks and get backlinks.on off-page will different types of processes like directory submissions, article submissions, classified submissions, guest posting, forum discussion, news submissions, PBN submissions.in those process you will focus on Some process which gives you genuine backlinks and traffic every day you will submit an article on high da/pa website and approach for they give you dofollow links. if you get do-follow backlinks so you will easily get traffic from another website.

6.Use Mix Keywords on your Website.

-keywords are an important part of SEO.keywords is the query of the customer which is keywords for website owners.you will use different types of keywords in your website like generic keywords, local keywords, brand keywords, latent semantic index (LSI) keywords,long-tail keywords, informative keywords. all keywords around of those type keywords you should be select different types of keywords.

7.Don’t Forget to use local keywords.

-Local keywords are defined as your locality and address your business. local keywords are the best way to promote your business locally. like you have a business which is operating one area or local. local keywords help you connected easily with people who want local services and products. if u forget to use local keywords it’s a minus point of ranking factors and get traffic. Example- I have an institute In Indore local so I will use local keywords as is Digital marketing institute in Indore, SEO training Indore, digital marketing training in Indore, digital marketing company in Indore, SEO company in Indore.

8.optimiz images with unique keywords.

-If you use keywords in image alt attributes it helps in the ranking factor. anyone search-related your keywords ur image and ur page will rank or search engines. keywords defined your image and page

9.Give Backlinks From Best DA/PA Website.

-DA is Domain Authority.PA is Page Authority. High da/pa is show your website popularity. Da/pa ranking is out of 100.when you will approach any on to get backlinks you will also check what is website DA/PA. If their Website DA/PA is high so it means their website is popular and traffic is more.

10.website also have mobile-friendly.

-in this time 60% of people mobile users.its a larger audience of mobile users.you will also focus on your website is mobile-friendly.because your website is easily open in mobile, UI/UX is best and attractive, all options easy access, content is readable, font size, color. if people love your website they share easily their family, friends and their circle so you need your website to have a mobile-friendly.

11.Follow Top 10 Blogger and Stay Updates.

-In Digital Marketing You have to Stay update.because you will increase your website traffic from optimizing different updates and features.you will have some option like follow blogger, follow company which shares updates. if you follow the top 10 bloggers you have definitely get updates because they will provide information which they have studied.and share their experience with the latest updates.you will increase your knowledge and implement Work.

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