Zuko Son

Zuko Son

Are you the son or grandson of Mako Zuko? * Symptoms of cholera *?

Impossible because they grew up on the streets. Do you really think that Zoukos' son will grow up on the streets of the Republic? No, other than that, your brother is Boleyn, who is an earthling. In any country, the chances of Zuko getting married are slim. Very, very thin, if you don't pay attention, most people in this country have golden eyes and dark hair. This does not automatically mean that he belongs to Zuko.

Zuko Son

Zuko Son

I think Miko is Zukoz's grandson because he's 70 years old ... unless he has children in his old age, but it also raises the question of whether he has a child, he's one and Second (Brolin) A is the country? To answer your question, I think he is the grandson of Zukos ...

No, it's impossible, Miko and Bolan know their parents, but they were built shortly before Miko at the age of 8, so she can't compare to Zuko because Zuko has a daughter, but she's now Rules like Ha for 3 years.

No way

If you saw the third event I linked to ...


Mako and Bolan's parents (by the way) D and Zuko married Mai.

If Bolivia does not marry a country, will Bolivia become a country?

Basically an orphan. We don't know who your parents are ...

By the way: Zuko is still alive ... and Katara too :)

But Mako reminds me of Zako: D

If he were your grandson, he would have lived in the country and been treated like a king, but he was, so he was not. Also, he is a little too old to be your grandson and too young to be your son. So I don't think that's possible.

Zuko Son