Zuko Daughter

Zuko Daughter

Who is the daughter of Zacchaeus? ۔

What is your name? And what does it really look like? Thank you:

As for the photographs of Zacus's daughter, we do not yet have official artwork for her. I'm attaching a video showing his sketch work (and probably confirming that he's my mom, because he's used it yet). Wikias is a great resource, especially for programs like Avatar ND, and they do not currently have an official name or image.

As it is, no one knows if he was the same in Kora as before, and what you have is based on Zuko (and Mai?), He is definitely bigger than his son, Arwa of the United Forces. (W is twenty years old) And today he is a gentleman.

There is only speculative fan art and many fans call it Nora because there is currently no official name.

Zako's daughter.

As for TNO, Season 2 has already been released. Fenart is a Zacus girl, but remember, this is Fenart, not the real thing. So, we may have to wait for Season 3 or later ATLA Avatar Comics.

Yes. He has a daughter, Mee, and is now the legendary lord of Kora after his daughter, Zuko, retires, but we don't know how she is.

He remembers Azula ... but he's not sure ... no one knows ... let's wait until season 3 ... then let's find out from Zuko ... and find out if Tof Lin Be Phong ... .

Your daughter has not been revealed. Wait for Season 2 of Corra.

Zuko Daughter