Definition of Zoning:

  1. The process of nominating candidates for specific political positions as part of informal agreements to share power among political parties (especially in Nigeria).

  2. A legislative process that divides private urban areas into areas (such as residential, commercial, and industrial areas) based on the use of land definitions. Each zone is allowed based on density, location, size and type of buildings. See also zoning.

  3. Land classification according to usage and development limits.

Synonyms of Zoning

Ruling out, Subtraction, Forbiddance, Disarticulation, Disunion, Disconnection, Prohibition, Segmentation, Dislocation, Zoning laws, Index, Withdrawal, Proscription, Isolation, Forbidding, Separation, Law, Prohibition Party, Refusal, Incoherence, Divorcement, Divorce, Injunction, Partition, Rejection, Interdiction, Removal, Prevention, Exclusion, Prohibitory injunction, Subdivision, Suppression, Disengagement, Disjointing, Forbidden fruit, Statute, Contraband, Sumptuary laws, Embargo, Interdictum, Volstead Act, Repression, Discontinuity, Inhibition, Disassociation, No-no, Ban, Detachment, Interdict, Division, Parting, Denial, Index expurgatorius, Abstraction, Luxation, Alienation, Disjunction, Index librorum prohibitorum, Separatism, Disconnectedness, Disallowance, Eighteenth Amendment, Preclusion, Restrictive covenants, Taboo

How to use Zoning in a sentence?

  1. The amended zoning rules for the new year changed our company's development plans for the region.
  2. Before we get to this point, we need to look at the rules of zoning and how they affect us if we break them.
  3. You should always be aware of the rules of zoning during construction so that construction does not take place in the wrong place.
  4. The zoning of the property will allow the buildings to be higher than the proposed buildings.

Meaning of Zoning & Zoning Definition