Zone System

Zone System,

Zone System Definition:

  1. You can define Zone System as, A three-year solvency review system for insurance companies developed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAEC). The system divides the United States into three geographic regions, and in each of the three regions, government teams analyze business in their area. All states accept exams from other zones.

  2. The zoning system is a three-year review system developed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAEC) to help states regulate insurance companies. It divides the United States into territories, and government teams in each region insure insurers in their respective territories to ensure that their financial situation is better.

  3. A system developed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAEC) to assess the integrity of insurance companies. The audit team conducts audits every three years. This team consists of geographical areas. NAIC test results are generally accepted by states that have licensed insurance companies, so not every state needs to take its own test.

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Meanings of Zone:
  1. Divide or assign zones.

  2. Circle like or with tape or strip.

  3. Areas or properties with special features, purposes or uses, subject to expansion or special restrictions.

  4. Tape or strip that contains a different color, texture or character.

  5. Belt or belt worn around the body.

Sentences of Zone
  1. Pedestrian zone

  2. The swimming priest is located on the back of the animal's body.

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land, girdle, sector, section, precinct, waistband, province, neighbourhood, strap, region, band, belt, territory, sash, district, quarter, locality, girth, cummerbund, tract, area


Meanings of System:
  1. A set of things that work together as part of an interconnection or network mechanism.

  2. A set of principles or methods by which something is done in an organized structure or method.

  3. The prevailing political or social system, especially when seen as oppressive and compromising.

  4. A set of sticks in a sheet of music that included a belt.

Sentences of System
  1. Rural railway system

  2. Multilateral system of government

  3. Don't try to ignore the system

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order, mode, methodology, attack, organization, the ruling class, structure, arrangement, way, the authorities, line of attack, apparatus, network, the establishment, bureaucracy, process, complex, line of action, manner, approach, technique, framework, officialdom, the powers that be, the regime, means