Definition of Zip:

In computing, the process of compressing data to reduce the size of a file so that it can be sent to a store or other computer. Even slaves for nothing.

Meanings of Zip

  1. Zippered off.

  2. Speed ​​up.

  3. Compress (files) to use less disk space.

  4. A device consisting of two flexible straps of metal or plastic with an interlocking projection, which is closed or opened by pulling a sliding bar to hold clothes, bags and other items. Indicates something that is protected by a zipper.

  5. Electric power

  6. Postal code abbreviation

  7. Not at all.

Sentences of Zip

  1. I buttoned my sweater

  2. The standard way to avoid this is to compress the execution file before uploading it.

  3. Miss Stephenson wore black long-sleeved combat pants with zippers and chains, and striped socks with white Adidas shoes.

Synonyms of Zip

get-up-and-go , bolt, speed, vigor , ardour, spirit , relish, zing , zest, whizz, enthusiasm, pep , zest , nothing, brio , not anything, hasten, excitement, avidity, go hell for leather, vitality , spank along, buzz, delight, sweep

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  • Zip means: In computing, the process of compressing data to minimize a file so that it can be saved or sent to another computer. Even without a slogan.

Meanings of Zip

  1. Close with zipper

  2. Running fast.

  3. Compress (file) to use less disk space.

  4. A device made of two flexible metal or plastic straps with locking tabs that can be closed or opened by pulling the zipper and used to secure clothing, bags and other items.

  5. Energy power

  6. Absolutely not.

Sentences of Zip

  1. Cover the raincoat

  2. Swallowing while crossing the lake

  3. Filled with zipper

  4. You have to deal with me and my friend.

Synonyms of Zip

■■■■, fire, dash, race, leg it, tear, clip, belt, streak, zestfulness, pelt, bowl along, scramble, post, swoop, love, oomph, bounce, bucket, hightail, fleet, zeal, hare, pleasure, zap, rush, spiritedness, scutter, vim


What Does Zip Mean?

Zip means, In computing, the process of compressing data to reduce the size of a file so that it can be saved or sent to another computer. Slang for nothing else.

Meanings of Zip

  1. Moving fast.

Sentences of Zip

  1. You have a zipper with me and my lover with my friend.

Synonyms of Zip

gusto, fly, sprint, scorch, whip, eagerness, dynamism, animation, passion, career, scoot, high spirits, go like a bat out of hell, shift, liveliness, sparkle, scurry, blast, hurry, hurtle, whirl, gallop, drag/tear/haul ■■■, shoot