Zero-sum Game

Zero-sum Game,

Definition of Zero-sum Game:

  • A situation where you recover from a person, company, etc. For the benefit of others, it is used to describe relatively simple and highly competitive situations in game theory and economics where all wins and losses are equal to zero. Profit potential is limited, what others get should be lost and vice versa.

Literal Meanings of Zero-sum Game


Meanings of Zero:
  1. No quantity or number, no number 0.

  2. Zero (tool).

  3. The purpose of the shot (weapon).

Sentences of Zero
  1. Digits zero to nine.

  2. Reset the counter when the tape is finished.

  3. The rifle is at 200 feet.

Synonyms of Zero

nought, return to nought, naught, null character, 0, nothing, adjust to zero point, cipher, return to zero, nil


Meanings of Sum:
  1. A certain amount.

  2. The total amount generated from two or more numbers, sums or combinations of elements.

  3. Math problems, especially at elementary level.

  4. Find the quantity (two or more quantities).

Sentences of Sum
  1. They can't pay that much.

  2. A combination of two basic numbers

  3. We do math in school.

  4. If we add this equation, we get X.

Synonyms of Sum

computation, gross, volume, answer, math, maths, amount of money, price, figures, grand total, tariff, mathematics, cost, arithmetic, summation, sum total, amount, arithmetical problem, charge, total, calculation, reckoning, problem, tally, question, aggregate, numbers, quantity, fee


Meanings of Game:
  1. Activities that we do for pleasure or entertainment.

  2. The whole episode or episode of the game that ends with the final result.

  3. An activity or business of any kind is considered a sport.

  4. Wild mammals or birds that are hunted for game or food.

  5. Group of goose

  6. Want or want to do something new or interesting.

  7. Manipulation (a situation), often unfairly or immorally.

  8. play video games.

  9. Play the game of chance.

Sentences of Game
  1. The children are playing with their balloons.

  2. Baseball game

  3. I'm in a restaurant glamor game.

  4. They hunt in Alaska.

  5. A game of laughter in the common river.

  6. They are ready for anything.

  7. This system is very easy for some big companies.

  8. Most viewers are teenagers who play and watch cartoons.

  9. Other Russians are playing at the Monte Carlo table.

  10. Your free feet let you play.

Synonyms of Game

racket, place bets, ready, spirited, ballsy, romp, prepared, enthusiastic, diversion, line of business, leisure activity, venturous, intrepid, province, unafraid, disposed, keen, of a mind, interested, in the mood, fearless, profession, occupation