Zero based budgeting (ZBB)

Zero based budgeting (ZBB),

Definition of Zero based budgeting (ZBB):

  1. Method for preparing cash flow budgets and operating plans which every year must start from scratch with no pre-authorized funds. Unlike the traditional (incremental) budgeting in which past sales and expenditure trends are assumed to continue, ZBB requires each activity to be justified on the basis of cost-benefit analysis, assumes that no present commitment exists, and that there is no balance to be carried forward. By forcing the activities to be ranked according to priority, ZBB provides a systematic basis for resource allocation.

How to use Zero based budgeting (ZBB) in a sentence?

  1. Our zero based budgeting system was in full force and working greatly and it gave us all a really good feeling about our new year in business.
  2. The zero based budgeting strategy was deemed to be optimal because we felt a healthy and invigorating sense of pressure.
  3. You need to always have different strategies that you can use and one that you can try is a zero based budgeting strategy.

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