Youtube Invalid Response Received

Youtube Invalid Response Received

Got the wrong answer on YouTube? 3

When I opened my account I realized I didn't have any more comments to post on other channels. Inbox tried, but it doesn't work either. I keep getting these wrong answers, even though I can still find the video.

I am regularly active on this account and need to reply to someone's message as soon as possible! How can I solve this problem? what's the problem?

Many other users and I have reported that some parts of YouTube are not working properly. You have to work on the server or on the swing file. You have every right to do so, just relax and wait a day or two.

I started answering this question because I had the same condition and I thought this question was asked years ago, but it seems that in 6 minutes I am really happy. I hope it lasts for one or more years.

I think the browser is old or Java is disabled.

YouTube currently maintains the site.

Youtube Invalid Response Received