Youth Court

Youth Court,

How To Define Youth Court?

Definition of Youth Court: A private court dealing with juvenile offenders (under 18).

Literal Meanings of Youth Court


Meanings of Youth:
  1. The period from childhood to adolescence.

  2. A young man

Sentences of Youth
  1. He was a great player in his youth

  2. A group of youths attacked

Synonyms of Youth

junior, boyhood, lad, juvenile, preadolescence, childhood, girlhood, early years, adolescent, boy, teenager, young man, young one, youngster, teenage years, young days, adolescence, minor, early life, young adulthood, teens


Meanings of Court:
  1. Engaging in a romantic relationship, usually with the intention of getting married.

  2. Courts headed by a judge, judge or magistrate in civil, criminal matters where the court meets with the presiding judge or judge.

  3. A square room, open or closed, limited to ball games such as tennis or basketball.

  4. Establishment of rulers, suits and courtiers.

Sentences of Court
  1. I seduced a girl from a neighboring farm

  2. He will take the matter to court

  3. I prefer short admissions

  4. The emperor is represented by his palace

Synonyms of Court

forum, chancery, law court, be romantically linked with, court of law, arena, cort├Ęge, assizes, field, tribunal, make up to, seek the company of, bar, enclosure, go out with, ring, playing area, escort, retinue, ground, be involved with, track, train, bodyguard