Your And You Re

Your And You Re

What is the difference between you and you?

And some good examples, they may be funny but appropriate. The best winner will be.

You own your car (the car is yours).

You are a contraction of yourself and yours.

The difference between you and me

My teacher Shri Tej Parkhaji says that you are completely different. Your hands are not your eyes, they are not your eyes, you are not beyond all physical things, you are not limited.

You are mine, this is my bat, but this is your ball.

You are a contraction, which means you are. I'm fine and you're not comfortable.

You = your pen your friend etc ...

You = mention your character. You are stupid, you are kind, and so on.

You own the shape of your hat.

You're walking around like you missed the bus.

Your And You Re