Is this a hoax?!? 3

I signed up and couldn't find any contact information, but it's too late.

I would love to hear from someone who has experience with this site.

Is there a catch? And what happens after registration?

Never sign up for a website, make sure you have real contact information (business address, phone number, fax number) and that you and your parents have read the terms and conditions. Are There are many fake websites to steal your money.

Your store policy should include details of your account cancellation. Read it carefully because it usually happens because people charge a fee. Some people send you a fax to cancel when you send them an email, they keep taking money from your credit card. You canceled some of them by registered mail. So see if you can cancel.

Also read the terms and conditions to see if your photos can be used. Many fraudulent sites manage to submit your image so that you can donate to this site and other third party sites with which they use your images for advertising, marketing, etc. Without compensation. This means they can use it in their ads or on their website without paying you.

For now, never sign up for anything unless you and your parents read the fine print.

I feel like cheating, if you really want to act / model, find a real agency. Acting = osbrink, cesd, alias, what, icm, gersh agency. I'm fine!