You Made My Day

You Made My Day

The best answer to a text message that tells you and my day? Does the best answer get 10 points?

I can do your HT too. Pendant

In that sense, you are mine

I can make your day

Don't I always do that?

Please provide details

I'm glad I can make you feel that way

A) 35 because ٪ dredged is a number or digit B) 0.35 C) 80x9 = 720 then because A / 9 million ACC of 720 is D) 70x8 = 560 then about 0.12 of 560 70 E) 840 e complete eighth The volume grader is one million 050 F) 50 sx 40 = 2,000 then 200 cm x 40 = 8,000 stable happiness !!!

Is there a reason you don't want it? Otherwise, I'll give you the exact hints like Hepad did! ), But if you really don't want him to love you, let him know I'm happy, for example, have a great day ahead of you!

I am your day but you are my life

Be like this: just your day? Wow I was at least expecting your week or make it seductive but still nice and friendly

You Made My Day