You Carry A 7kg Bag Of Groceries

You Carry A 7kg Bag Of Groceries

Carrying a 7.0 kg shopping bag 1.2 meters above the ground at constant speed? 3

Carry a 7 kg grocery bag 1.2 m above the ground at a constant speed of 2.7 m.

What are you doing in the bag? Can you explain to get the answer?

Well the work is usually like W = F d.

But this means that the force acts in the same direction as the motion.

The best equation

W = F cos (theta) d

Where theta is the angle that the force forms with the direction of motion.

In this case, the only force is upwards and the direction is forward.

Makes an angle of 90.

And cos90 = 0

So nothing works

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Difficult question ... Since the weight and direction of movement of the bag is 90 degrees from each other, no work (z) is done on the bag. You do some work by speeding up the bag to get through the room, but then you do the same thing by slowing down the other end so that the net is allowed to work, for example the answer.

If the speed never changes then the kinetic energy never changes. You do not work on the stock exchange.

You Carry A 7kg Bag Of Groceries