York Antwerp rules

York Antwerp rules,

Definition of York Antwerp rules:

  1. The York Antwerp Rules are a set of maritime regulations concerning protocols surrounding jettisoned cargo.

  2. The York Antwerp Rules are a set of maritime rules that were established in 1890. Amended several times since their inception, this set of maritime rules outlines the rights and obligations of both ship and cargo owners in the case that cargo must be jettisoned in order to save a ship. Generally, bills of lading, contracts of affreightment and marine insurance policies all include the York Antwerp Rules in their language.

  3. Guidelines for adjusting general losses by a marine carrier.

How to use York Antwerp rules in a sentence?

  1. The York Antwerp Rules are a set of maritime regulations regulating surrounding jettisoned cargo.
  2. The rules are a codification of the law of general average.
  3. The York Antwerp Rules are a set of maritime rules dating back to 1890.

Meaning of York Antwerp rules & York Antwerp rules Definition

York Antwerp Rules,

What is York Antwerp Rules?

  • A complex set of rules outlined by most countries and a way to distribute the average total loss between shipowners and cargo owners.

  • The York Antwerp Rules are a set of maritime rules and regulations relating to the Protocol on Waste Cargo.

    • The York Antwerp Roll is a set of maritime regulations governing cargo.
    • The York Antwerp Rules are a set of maritime rules beginning in 1890.
    • The rules are the code of conduct of the common error law.

  • In 1974, a set of rules adopted by the representatives of the common maritime countries was amended to regulate the use of the common average.

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