Yordenis Ugas Net Worth

Yordenis Ugas Net Worth

What is Shawn Porter's weight class?

light welterweightDo you also know how much Shawn Porter weighs?Porter (2,921, 17 KOs) weighed 148.8 pounds for his obese title defense on Fox TV Saturday against Cuban Yordenis Ugas (233, 11 KOs), who reached 147 pounds at 146.6 pounds. The captain reacted to the lack of weight by sweating to reduce some weight.

Also, how old is Shawn Porter?

32 years (October 27, 1987)Also, who hit Shawn Porter?

careerDate of the opponent's result
Date20190928 The opponent Errol Spence Jr. Loss of SD result
Date20190309 Yorden's opponent is Ugas Result: win SD
Date20180908 The opponent Danny Garcia Result: UD. to win
Date20171104 Opponent Adrian Granados Result: UD.

to win

Who is Shawn Porter's wife?Julia Porter M. 2014

Does Shawn Porter have a belt?

Shawn Porter pushed him, pointed him out and revealed it during a title bout that he expanded all of Spence's screaming boxing skills. The aspiring welterweight superstar came out with two World Cup belts after finding the answers to that test just in time. Shawn Porter is a tough and tough fighter.

Shawn Porter is gone?

Amateur career. As an amateur, Porter competed primarily in the middleweight division and set a stunning amateur record of 276-14. In 2007 he won the world championship with gold gloves, but at the Pan American Games Porter fails in the second round against Cuban Emilio Correa.

How much is Errol Spence worth?

Errol Spence Jr. Net Worth: Errol Spence Jr. is an American professional boxer with a net worth of $ 7 million.

What is Deontay Wilder's net worth?

Deontay Wilder Net Worth and Career Income: Deontay Wilder is an American heavyweight boxer with a net worth of $ 30 million. Deontay Wilder was born on October 22, 1985 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He attended Shelton State Community College.

How much did Errol Spence win against Porter?

How much do Errol Spence and Shawn Porter earn per game? Prior to his PPV match against Garcia, Forbes said Spence had had a $ 8 million career. $ 3 million came from his portfolio and the rest of ESPN's 360,000 PPV purchase report.

Where does Shawn Porter train?

He Lives and trains in Las Vegas. Known for his rude style and peak performance in the ring, Porter was an AllConference returning to high school in Akron, Ohio.

How tall is Shawn Porter?

1.7 million Is Errol Spence Jr.


Errol Spence is not married yet and will remain so. He is having an affair with some women. He is also the father of his two daughters, Ivy Spence and Violet Spence, but he has never said anything about the mother of his children.

Shawn Porter won the game?

Spence defeats SD's Porter to combine welterweight with a highly competitive joint win over Shawn Porter in a FightoftheYear contender at the Staples Center in LA. Who Won Thurman vs.


The World Boxing Association then ordered Thurman and Porter winner to compete against temporary WBA champion David Avanesyan (2211, 11 KOs), who defeated WBA No. 3 Shane Mosley (49101, 41 KOs) on May 28. Former two-time Showtime champion Shawn Porter is the latest fighter to call Pacquiao. Porter said in a recent boxing scene that the next step for him is Pacquiao. He plans to return in early 2020 after losing a split decision to Errol Spence Jr. on September 28.

How much does the Shawn Porter contest cost?

34 What Is Shawn Porter's Record?

Known for his aggression and strength, Shawn Porter set a fantastic amateur career record of 27614. Porter won the 2007 Golden Gloves World Cup and brought winners such as Daniel Jacobs and Demetrius Andrade to the amateur circuit.

Porter made his pro debut in October

Which channel is Porter's game playing tonight on?

Tonight at 9pm ET on FOX payperview, Errol Spence Jr. landed a four-game card against Shawn Porter in a rollover match. The show will also have some opening hours at 7:30 PM ET on FS1.

Yordenis Ugas Net Worth

Full Name Yordenis Ugás Hernandez
Birth Date 14 July 1986
Birthplace Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Relationship status Engaged
Net Worth 15$ million

Yordenis Ugas Net Worth is $15 million Dollars as of 2021. Yes, welterweight boxer Yordenis Ugas’ net worth is estimated to be around $15 million by 2021. Yordenis Ugas is welterweight champion, a true fighter and boxer.

Yordenis Ugás Net Worth

Yordenis Ugás Hernández is a Cuban expert fighter who is a WBA Welterweight champion. He is the victor of a gold award during the 2005 World Championships and has additionally gotten a bronze decoration during the 2008 Olympics. Starting at 2021, Yordenis Ugas total assets is assessed to be around $15 million.

Starting at 2021, Yordenis Ugas has an expected total assets of $10 million. The majority of his income has been from his boxing battle. Yordenis Ugas fighting career has put him to the mark where he is right now, and has a net worth of $15 Million dollars.

Early Life

Ugas had been a functioning fighter since he was a young person. During the Under 17 competition for the lesser title in boxing, he had the option to turn into the best on the planet. He likewise had a few losses in those early years like the one with Amir Khan. Notwithstanding, these early encounters were basic for his development as a fighter.

Yordenis Ugas Career

Ugas began to perform at the lightweight level in 2005 where he had the option to rule the Cuban titles by winning the competition from 2005 to 2008. He likewise was fruitful in winning the PanAm Championships in 2005.

Throughout the long term, he became perceived with the moniker of 54 Milagros with the number 54 alluding to the number worn by the baseball player Aroldis Chapman who is Ugas’ closest companion, and with Milagros being the name of his mom. Ugas confronted some extreme adversaries in his initial profession including the Canadian fighter Ibrahim Kamal where he figured out how to win however he was losing the previous rounds.

Further achievement would come in 2006 as he had the option to win the Central American Championships just as win the 2006 Boxing World Cup. During the 2008 Olympics, Ugas was meaning to get back gold however he needed to make due with bronze as he had a loss against Daouda Sow.

In 2010, Ugas moved to the U.S. with the chances for an extraordinary boxing profession being available there. He made his introduction that very year and began showing the world his capacity as a fighter. A defining moment in his vocation came in 2019 when he got a WBC welterweight title battle with a fighter named Porter.

It was an exceptional battle with Ugas and his corner celebrating as though they had effectively won while Porter’s corner recently lay looking. However, when the choice was made, it was agreeable to Porter in a split choice. Ugas was not content with the choice and nor were a large number of the fans as they saw this to be a dubious choice.

Ugas has made great exhibitions ruling the battles against notable fighters like Omar Figueroa and Mike Dallas Jr. On 6 September 2020, Ugas battled against Abel Ramos for the WBA welterweight title which was empty at that point.

Ugas had the option to be delegated champion as he won through split choice and got hold of the title. Ugas was planned to battle with Errol Spence Jr. after Manny Pacquiao had been deprived of his title refering to inertia.

In any case, Errol experienced a physical issue that prompted a battle among Ugas and Pacquiao on August 21, 2021. Many fans were stunned to see that Ugas had beaten Pacquiao by means of a consistent choice and has effectively safeguarded the title.

Personal Life

Ugas is right now involved with Dayanara Leon. The two have been together for two years at this point and surprisingly praised their commemoration in February of 2021. Along with Dayanara, Ugas has a child. They have likewise declared their commitment and are soon to get hitched.


On 9 March 2019, Ugás battled his first profession title battle against Shawn Porter for the WBC welterweight title. Ugás battled extraordinary and handled the cleaner shots all through the battle.

Watchman had some accomplishment with his poke in the fourth round, yet Ugás was the better man in the accompanying round, after the two contenders traded shots in the ring towards the finish of the fifth. Ugás additionally had a more grounded finish to the battle, and figured out how to cut Porter close on his left side eye in the 10th.

After the last chime rang, Ugás’ group previously began celebrating, while Porter recently stood and saw his corner.To large numbers of the fans’ shock, two of the adjudicators scored the battle for Porter, 116-112 and 115–113, while just one of the appointed authorities scored the battle for Ugás, 117–111.

The group was booing what appeared to numerous as a disputable split choice success for Porter. In his next battle, Ugás overwhelmed previous title holder Omar Figueroa to a consistent choice success, winning each round simultaneously.

Each of the three appointed authorities scored the battle 119-107 for the Cuban, who just had one point deducted for holding in the fifth round. In his after battle, Ugás battled Mike Dallas Jr. Ugás boxed well and figured out how to hurt Dallas Jr on different events.

After the seventh round, Dallas Jr’s corner had seen enough and educated the ref he would not be proceeding with the battle. He won the bronze decoration in lightweight boxing at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He won a silver decoration in lightweight boxing at the 2005 World Cup in Moscow and gold awards in the 2005 World Championships and 2007 Pan Americana Games.


The Cuban public has been an expert fighter beginning around 2011. Preceding turning proficient, he contended at the most elevated level as a beginner.

Yordenis Ugas: Spotlight In the Combat World

The fighter has been at the center of attention in the realm of battle sports for a long while presently. As an expert, as well, Yordenis Ugas has had a serious effective run.

He went undefeated in his initial eleven battles. His first title battle occurred when he held a record of 15-1. He battled American fighter Emmanuel Robles. The two battled for the WBC Latino between time super-lightweight title. The battle finished in a split choice triumph for Emmanuel Robels.

Yordenis Ugas confronted another loss following this. Be that as it may, he ricocheted back and went on an entrancing eight-battle win streak.. He before long tested for the WBC welterweight title. He confronted Shawn Porter in March 2019. Lamentably, his presentation missed the mark this time around also, and Porter took the belt back home with a split-choice triumph.

Yordenis Ugas battled Abel Ramos in September 2020 for the WBA (Regular) welterweight title. He won the battle by means of split choice. After Manny Pacquiao was deprived of the WBA (Super) welterweight title because of latency, Yordenis Ugas was elevated to turn into the WBA (super) welterweight champion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions related to the article Yordenis ugas net worth:

1. How much did Pacquiao make with Ugas fight?

According to some sources, Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao Fought with Ugas Saturday night and won the WBA ‘super’ welterweight title along with 5$ Million dollars. Yes, Pacquiao Made $5 million dollars in a fight with ugas.

2. How much is Pacquiao vs Ugas worth?

How much will PPV cost to watch Pacquiao vs Ugas, Different sources takes different money. Although th fox sports allows you to watch Pacquiao vs Ugas match event only at a price of 74.99$ US dollars. Yes Pacquiao vs Ugas Match was worth per viewer around 75$.

3. How old is Ugas?

Yordenis Ugas is 35 years born on july 14, 1986. Ugas’ journey to Pacquiao fight is a long one he fought really good and is famous because of that although he lost because of unanimous decision.

Yordenis Ugas is a 35-year-old Cuban who has never given up and surpassed every challenge throughout his career.

4. Who did Yordenis Ugas lose to?

Yordenis Ugas lost Welterweight title to Manny Pacquiao, Manny Pacquiao, an eight-division world champion. However after Losing to Manny Pacquiao he won on Saturday night by unanimous decision, with Ugas retaining his super welterweight title.

5. Who defeated Yordenis Ugas?

Pacquiao defeated Yordenis Ugas. Pacquiao himself admitted after the fight that his legs were “tight”. At the final call, Ugás was declared a unanimous decisive victory with points of 116–112, 116-112 and 115–113.


Yordenis Ugas net worth is $15 million dollars as per 2021 sources. Although he had a net worth of $10 million dollars one year before. Yordenis Ugás Hernández is a Cuban expert fighter who is a WBA Welterweight champion.Relationship status, Yes, Yordenis Ugas is engaged. He is going to marry soon to the woman who has beared his child in her comb.

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