Yoga is one way to improve health?

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Yoga main aim to get peacful mind with healthy body.writer briefly described all important things regarding yoga.these are what is yoga? Their classifications with their decription.It has also mentioned that how to do yoga at home and the way of forward with yoga.Benefits were also explained in summarized way.
The question is that yoga only one way to get peace, calmness and healthy body?
Many religions claim to offering prayers and religious practices in the form of set methodwhich is different for every religion.It give mental peace and make possible to be Islam as offering 5 times prayer is depicted with uncounted benefits for human wash hands and feet with certain movements of body left better effect on human body.indeed these religious rituals for not this purpose but instead ononly for God.But these can be similar to yoga.
Conversely yoga all specifically for health it can specially be adopted for real advantages.