Yield To Worst (YTW)

Yield To Worst (YTW),

What is The Definition of Yield To Worst (YTW)?

  • You can define Yield To Worst (YTW) as, The worst-case scenario is the minimum return that can be obtained from a security that is fully developed under a pre-arranged agreement. This refers to the type of performance when there is a security arrangement that allows the issuer to close it before maturity. Early redemption of bonds can be implemented through a number of different provisions in the bond agreement, most of which are called

    • Back to Worst is a measure of the lowest possible return that can be achieved on security with the Early Retirement Clause.
    • The worst refund is usually the same as refunds.
    • In the worst case scenario, the payment must always be less than the payment because it represents a payment for a short investment period.

Literal Meanings of Yield To Worst (YTW)


Meanings of Yield:
  1. Prepare or deliver (natural, agricultural or industrial products)

  2. Accept arguments, demands or pressure.

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Sentences of Yield
  1. The earth produces wine and tobacco

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Synonyms of Yield

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Synonyms of To

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Meanings of Worst:
  1. Very serious or serious.

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