Yellow Submarine Meaning

Yellow Submarine Meaning

What does Beatles Yellow Submarine mean? ۔

"I wrote it a little on the bed, like a story ... I knew it would make sense, but it was actually a song," Paul said in an interview. I like the idea of ​​singing that will be easy for you to understand ...

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Paul McCartney wrote it as history. The story is that Paul was an hour late in his sleep and thought of writing a song. Paul consciously used individual words in the lyrics because he wanted to understand them quickly and sing at the same time.

Ringo played the lead role, as he did in several light Beatles songs, including Octopus Garden and Act Natural.

One possible interpretation: The Beatles, once famous, had to live in a telephone room and live under pressure = a submarine. Since they're having fun, it's June (all the friends are excited). Green sea = money.

The sound of bubbles, water and other sounds is recorded in the studio. John Lennon is blowing bubbles with straw, George Harrison is picking up. The voices intensified to make him even more alien. The voices of the submarine crew are John and Paul in the studio.

Some people think that this song has a deeper meaning than Yut or Jang. The Beatles said no, but they were used to reading a lot of his songs. There is a song on The and Al called Gl Onion which is related to this topic.

Over the years, the studio staff has included friends Mall Evans and Neil Spaniel, users George Martin and Patty Harrison.

According to Steve Turner's A Hard Days Wright, a month after the Albert's capsule was launched, it became known as the Yellow Submarine. McCartney declined to compare, saying the only submarine he knew was a candy bar he had found during a holiday in Greece. It should be thrown into the water and called a submarine.

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What does Beatles Yellow Submarine mean?

I have an idea for this song that I want to share with the whole world. To me, the yellow submarine is a symbol of the desire to be common, but still felt from our individuality. It seems to be the message of the song. I don't think I need to explain why this song conveys this message to me. But maybe that doesn't make sense and we've just simplified the yellow submarine :)

Yellow Submarine Meaning