Yard Smells Like Sewage After Rain

Yard Smells Like Sewage After Rain

Why does my stool stink when it rains? 3

We just bought it a few weeks ago so we haven't learned all the ins and outs. .

Our gutter is a septic tank in our backyard. I don't know the exact area of ​​the tank or the location and size of the drain, but I have an idea. Our yard is far away, far to the left and up a hill (I'm on a hill), so I don't have to worry about drainage (or lack thereof).

Where front and side courtyards / sidewalks are bad too! It's not a strong smell, but it's definitely noticeable. My google search failed, so far I've only found any mention of anac soil quality and possibly broken / damaged sewer pipes, but finding the former is impossible to confuse me and the latter but again It is also possible.



I should also mention that I have no odor of dirt, bats or defects in the clothesline (?). Out there

You made a lot of interesting points, thank you. :)

I guess a septic person would have no problem checking the tank so at least I know when to empty it, if not now ... yellow, in the meantime we can find a cheap excuse !

We do not use harsh soaps on ourselves so we do not use bleach etc :)

The best solution is to break your fears or problems into a series of smaller steps. They buy very cheap and do a lot of work, including landscaping. Lots of new flowers, bushes and flower beds, new gravel paths.

I'm not sure if it's big grass or a new piece of land so I can't say for sure, but I know the front yard has been completely renovated. New roof.

There is also a strange mud around some of the foundations that reminds me of the stinking lake I visited when I had one, but I could not smell it well - or whatever Be Unpleasant!

Your septic tank may need to be cleaned, or the drain tank pipe may burst. One can find / fix it with septic tank.

When you find it easily and reach the pool, add yeast to it. I doubt it's your main problem, but at least it's one. Yeast works on bacteria.

It is also possible that the former supplier was responsible for the repairs. It depends on where you live.

Copied from another page ...

It has nothing to do with rainwater, but with the weather when it rains. Septic tanks rely on anaerobic bacteria to break down waste. Its activity emits harmful gases. Typically, these gases pass through the main exhaust duct into the ventilation system and out through the roof.

Normal environmental conditions remove these unwanted gases. In some cases, the smell of air on the roof is more intense than the ambient air. Then push the roof down to the surface, where you can see the total load.

There is not much you can do.

No sense in telling you now - I don't wanna ruin the suprise.

Is there fresh mulch around the smelly area? Sometimes mulch or soil mixed with compost gives off a foul odor for several weeks. And once overturned or distracted, like rain.

Yard Smells Like Sewage After Rain

Yard Smells Like Sewage After Rain

Dirt should be brought to many new filling points. Soil is often mixed with M (decomposed manure). When it gets wet, you smell it.

Many grass farms also have cattle and other animals found on the prairie. So if gr is installed then there can be many.

His residence is also a meadow.

Ask someone to pump your septic tank and then sit down and watch your ex run the bleach. Destructive bacteria turn their waste into many antibacterial soaps.

Yard Smells Like Sewage After Rain