Yamaha R6 Monthly Payments

Yamaha R6 Monthly Payments

How long does it usually take a month to buy a Yamaha R6? 3

This will be for the 2010 model ... Thanks for the advance help

Your question is difficult to answer. For me, my monthly payment is z, because I pay in cash. Paying interest is a waste of money unless the interest rate is 0%.

These are the factors that determine your monthly purchase payment.

I am going to buy

Purchase price.

interest rate.

Loan term

Suppose you borrow $ 7,000 at 12.99% interest for 48 months. The monthly payment will be $ 187.76. Now here is the reality. Your actual purchase is $ 9,012.48, plus payment and sales tax. In addition, you pay up to $ 3,500 per year for all insurance benefits. In fact, debt and insurance payments will be 9 479.43. Plus license plates, license plates, driving equipment (which can cost up to 500 1,500 to cover all 3 seasons and rains) and operating costs. Everything is for limited road racers. Terrible for long journeys, two person rides, driver protection from elements and very limited ability to carry gear.

The current recommended price of the 2010 R6 is 8,635. The four-year R6 is priced at $ 5,675, according to the Kelly Blue Book. This is 35% depreciation.

So, with this information, after 4 years you have paid $ 9,012.48 plus a 4 year loan of $ 2,240 (payment and taxes) for a total of $ 1,252 for, 5,675 motorcycles. This is 50% depreciation. More insurance up to $ 12,000 for 4 years.

Do you really want to waste that much money? A bike with limited use? Hell, I'm going to buy a used Gl1800 nes Goldwing for $ 11,000 and explore the country comfortably.

Decide what to choose, do the math and find out what it really costs. I think it would be cheaper to buy up to standard for $ 5,000 cash, which means lower insurance costs.

I now

Yamaha R6. Financing

You may not earn more than $ 100 / month with z, but funding R6 is a bad idea. As the bank takes care of your Ke, they insist that you have LL Comp and collision insurance, which is quite expensive for this Go.

The R6 is a street runner, a heavy toy. Yes, you can use it as a means of transportation in the blink of an eye, but it's like buying a Ferrari as a public transport car. If you live in Alaska. And petrol costs $ 6 per gallon. It can be done, but it doesn't make sense ...

It's not fair to financially support something you don't really need. Cars, above all, are investments, they fall sharply, and once you earn interest on them, they are worth more than they are worth, and at the same time they are worth less. Therefore, it is recommended that vehicle financing be provided only when absolutely necessary.

Why not save some money? It will cost less and you will enjoy it more if you keep it. It will take some time, but then there may be a new model or even a new one that you prefer.

Yamaha R6 Monthly Payments