Xampu Ou Shampoo

Xampu Ou Shampoo


Shampoo ... eat better ... but most packages still come as a shame ..

That ... down or estrangements !!!!!!!

I even agree with you, but there is a question but it is important. What if we campaign against or ignore the languages ​​of inventors like NAUM SEI C VC ... or K TAL TC? Or KD or KRA K TAVA AKI?

I guess it's too bad or foreign, NAUM AXA?

Shame in English

Shampoo in Portuguese

AC Quishmam hair looks less but fashionable

I definitely agree with you, out or stereotype !!!!

Plus, it's an X and U shampoo, but it's easy to write and good


In the shampoo! I am fooling my country as a foreigner because it should not be an acronym for BB. ..I hate people who say they hate Americans and use their words always and their words.

Now you don't think America and its people are funny because they are just the center of the universe.

Now is the time to better preserve the origin of the word for any bias or trade, but since we are here, we can change that by being part of Orleo.

Xampu Ou Shampoo