X Y 5

X Y 5

xy = 5 linear equations? If not, give reasons.

I don't understand how to solve this problem. Help? :]

The form of the linear equation is:

y = a x + b where a and b are linear constant because all the powers of the variable (ie x, y) are one. In other words, y is the first power and x is also the first power.

xy = 5 is equal to y = 5 / x and is not a linear equation, since the power of x is negative, not a

Another way to explain this is that the graph of linear equations is a straight line, but the graph of y = 5 / x is a hyperbola.

Solve for y: y = 5 / x.

Since the linear equation must be in the form of y = mx + b,

xy = 5 is not a linear equation.

xy = 5 is actually a parallel hyperbola equation.

Not this. x = 5 / h ...

If x = 0 is not specified, then a symbol is ...

The graph of the equation is not linear ...

X Y 5