What is The Meaning of X-inefficiency?

  • X-inefficiency means, When a company does not use its employees, machines, resources, etc. Effectively, this is often due to a lack of competition.

Literal Meanings of X-inefficiency


Meanings of X:
  1. Place a checkmark with an X or a checkmark.

  2. The 24th letter of the alphabet.

  3. Shape X.

  4. Cross shape symbol.

  5. Roman numerals ten.

  6. Only adult films were rated (replaced by NC17 in 1990).

  7. Drug ecstasy.

Sentences of X
  1. Another day on my calendar.

  2. X is the 24th letter of the alphabet and it confused me.

  3. Two X-shaped wires

  4. Therefore, XXXI is 31 and XXIV is 24.


Meanings of Inefficiency:
  1. Circumstances where maximum productivity is not achieved cannot maximize time and resources.

Sentences of Inefficiency
  1. The idea is to eliminate inefficiencies by creating a permanent manufacturing process