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Literal Meanings of X-factor


Meanings of X:
  1. Intersex or non-binary (in passports and identity documents).

  2. Only suitable for people from 16 years or (later) 18 years.

  3. (Movie Rating) Obscene.

  4. It is used between two characters' names to refer to a ship, especially in anime, manga, and video games.

  5. Used instead and in collaboration with artists.

Sentences of X
  1. Taska x DROELOE, Steve Aoki x Lauren Jauregui and more.


Meanings of Factor:
  1. A doer is a person who does something for another person or organization.

  2. Agent or representative.

  3. Notary.

  4. An entrepreneur or organization that provides money for someone else's new venture is financing someone else's business.

  5. A business entity that lends money to debtors or that buys and collects debtors.

  6. Any of the elements, conditions or influences that contribute to the achievement of the result.

  7. Any of the different objects that multiply together to form a whole.

  8. (causal analysis) An impact on a phenomenon that affects the nature, magnitude, and/or timing of an episode.

  9. A resource used in the production of goods or services, a factor of production.

  10. Administrator or bailiff.

  11. Find all the factors (of a number or other mathematical object) (objects that divide it equally).

  12. (number or other mathematical object) can be a product of other objects.

  13. (commercial) The sale of one or more debts to an intermediary (factor) for collection.

Sentences of Factor
  1. The postman at the trading post bought furs.

  2. The economy was a factor in this year's budget figures.

  3. 3 is a factor of 12, as are 2, 4 and 6.

  4. Launch temperature played a role in the Challenger disaster.