X-channel Management

X-channel Management

CrossChannel or MultiChannel Management is the tactic of selling a product on multiple online marketplaces at once. This diversifies the company's revenue streams and expands customer reach.

Literal Meanings of X-channel Management


Meanings of X:
  1. Intersex or non-binary (in passports and identity documents).

  2. Only suitable for people from 16 years or (later) 18 years.

  3. (Movie Rating) Obscene.

  4. It is used between the names of two characters to refer to a ship, especially in anime, manga, and video games.

  5. Used instead and in collaboration with artists.

Sentences of X
  1. Taska x DROELOE, Steve Aoki x Lauren Jauregui and more.


Meanings of Channel:
  1. The physical boundary of a river or swamp, consisting of a channel and banks.

  2. Natural or artificial airflow over a reef, shoal, bay, or shallow water.

  3. The navigable part of the river.

  4. A narrow body of water between two land masses.

  5. Something that something else passes through, such as a vehicle or transportation.

  6. A ravine is a groove, as in a fluted column.

  7. The connection between the start and end nodes of a chain.

  8. The narrow conducting part of a MOSFET.

  9. (Connection) The part that connects a data source to a data sink.

  10. (Communication) A path for transmitting electrical or electromagnetic signals, generally different from other parallel paths.

  11. (Communication) A single path separated from the transmission medium by a physical separator, such as B. A multi-pair cable is provided.

  12. (Communication) A single path provided by a transmission medium through spectral or protocol division, such as frequency division multiplexing or time division multiplexing.

  13. A specific radio frequency or frequency band generally associated with a particular letter, number, or code word and assigned by international agreement.

  14. A specific radio frequency or frequency band used for television transmission.

  15. (Storage) The portion of a storage medium, such as a track or tape, that is available to a particular drive or read or write head.

  16. (technical) The path of a turbine pump under pressure.

  17. Radio station.

  18. A dedicated conversation area on the IRC network, similar to a chat room and often dedicated to a specific topic.

  19. An outdated method of delivering up-to-date Internet content.

  20. A clairvoyant or clairvoyant who temporarily assumes the identity of another.

  21. Create or cut a channel or groove.

  22. To guide or guide you in your desired course.

  23. (of the spirit, as of a man) Serve as an intermediary.

  24. Be a role model, especially in a play.

  25. The construction of a sailing ship, which rises above the gunwale and to which the shrouds are attached with chains. One of the heavy plank slats is to the rim on the outside of the ship to increase the spread of the shrouds and free them from the gunwale.

Sentences of Channel
  1. The water that came out of the elevator caused a standing wave in the canal.

  2. A canal was dug to allow seagoing vessels to reach the city.

  3. We try to keep our boat in the canal.

  4. The English Channel is located between France and England.

  5. The message reached us through various channels.

  6. The fence formed a channel between the fallen wire and the tree.

  7. There is a channel in between.

  8. We use one of the 24 channels.

  9. The channel is created by combining the signals from these four pairs.

  10. Your call is forwarded to channel 6 of the T1 line.

  11. KNDD is a 107.7 MHz channel in Seattle.

  12. NBC is on channel 11 in San Jose.

  13. This chip in this device is a channel device.

  14. The fluid is under pressure in the side channel.

  15. With the help of these cones we will direct the movement to the left.

  16. She channeled the of her late husband Seth.

  17. He tried to channel President Reagan, but the public didn't believe him.


Meanings of Management:
  1. The leaders of the organization, especially senior leaders.

X-channel Management