Www Wish Com

Www Wish Com

Someone has already visited this shopping site.

This site is great.

There are so many good and beautiful things.

I wonder if anyone understands the inside of it and does anyone know that it is reliable?

ise: Total Virus >>>> Risk 10% Netcraft Risk Rating 1/10

IP address

Yes, I have already bought about 6 items and all the arrivals are normal, already good and cheap, while your delivery time is a little late. For my part, it's a time ■■■■. In RFB, I suggest more!

I am not satisfied with this site but still or more than 2 months payment will tell me that my UT is over and he will give me back what I have not seen for 15 days in a row. 2 months money out of my account. I assume I cheated on the scam site.

fso: have already bought 3 utos; and arrived at or after the delivery time or after the rope pump.

I've already bought it and it's great, blouse as stated, no side or a bit of fabric but sheer hair or I will never be able to buy the same or the same quality here, no yes ۔

I bought on 07.28. Delivery date still due this year, but due to being far away.

I bought more because my friend had already bought and was satisfied, but he admitted that I was upset, because the effeturi ones had not bought the airu site and had already made in April and by utos, letter off Credit was not paid. .

Let's take a good look ...

Www Wish Com

Www Wish Com

Or wshi is a site that has many booths that we use to sell and resell your car! That is, depending on the store and / or seller, or Uto-Check or not, or the deadline. You cannot decide the site yourself.

Buy 5 Uto, and 1 at all times.

I now understand that I have to pay in cash.

I bought some pants, paid for them and they haven't arrived yet.

No, how to enter the site. I did not like my money back

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me.

Www Wish Com

Www Wish Com

Look, I bought 5 minutes and they all arrived, so the delivery was delayed, I didn't wait 2 minutes for the order to finish and where is the delivery value and tracking number in the item number or before this auto this auto manually Is of great value to understand and they are listed and delivery time has been extended. Council if you do not want to purchase an extra number.

Www Wish Com