Wrongful Act

Wrongful Act,

Wrongful Act:

  • Programs that trigger coverage of various professional compensation policies Typically, a breach is defined as an act, mistake, or error found in the provision of professional services.

Literal Meanings of Wrongful Act


Meanings of Wrongful:
  1. (Actions) that are not fair, equitable or legal.

Sentences of Wrongful
  1. File a case with the police for wrongful arrest

Synonyms of Wrongful

groundless, uncalled for, inappropriate, unfair, unnecessary, undue, illegitimate, illegal, unlawful, unwarranted, indefensible, unreasonable, unjustified, unjust, improper, illicit, undeserved


Meanings of Act:
  1. Do it, do something.

  2. Follow the prompts.

  3. The process has a special effect.

  4. Play a fictional role in a drama, movie or television production.

  5. One thing acted.

  6. Excuse me

  7. A written order from Congress or another legislature affects legislation.

  8. American College Test.

Sentences of Act
  1. Appeal to Washington to work

  2. They are following the person who is acting suspiciously

  3. Blood samples are tested to determine how the drug works in the body.

  4. He made his professional debut at the age of six.

  5. He plays a lot and laughs

  6. End of slavery

Synonyms of Act

alter, exert influence on, proclamation, command, be an actress, play, impact on, statute, affect, enactment, judgement, requirement, masquerade, take measures, facade, Act of Parliament, charade, take part, react, condition, exploit, pretence, performance, gesture, accomplishment, edict, behave