Written-Down Value

Written-Down Value,

What Does Written-Down Value Mean?

  • The definition of Written-Down Value is: Depreciation amount is the value of an asset after recording. in short. , It reflects the current value of the company's resources from an accounting standpoint. This amount is included in the company's balance sheet in the annual financial statements.

    • Depreciation amount is the value of an asset after recording.
    • Depreciation applies to depreciation on property, plants and equipment, and depreciable assets.
    • The current value of previously acquired assets represents their value.
    • The written amount appears on the balance sheet and is calculated by deducting the depreciation or amortization from the value of the original asset.
    • Launch Value is used to monitor the value of an asset and determine its value at the time of sale.

  • You can define Written-Down Value as, Depreciation of property for income tax purposes is determined by reducing the total cost, including installation. Deductions for any wear and tear or wear and tear from the last financial year.

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