How Do You Define Write?

  1. You can define Write as, In the insurance industry: insurance and / or underwriting.

  2. To insure, complete or accept the insurance offer

Meanings of Write

  1. Mark a surface, usually with a paper, pen, pencil, or similar tool (letters, words, or other symbols).

  2. Write, write and send (letters) to someone.

  3. Write (text or a work) for its production or publication in written form or in print, bring it in literary form and register it in writing.

  4. Insert (data) into an electronic or magnetic storage device, or at a specific location in the computer file system.

  5. Refund (insurance policy)

Sentences of Write

  1. Write his name on a piece of paper

  2. I wrote a letter to Allison

  3. I didn't know you wrote poetry

  4. Files can be read and written to the file system.

  5. The doctors felt that no insurance company would buy them a policy at any cost.

Synonyms of Write

scribble, note , scrawl, drop a note , record, turn out , put in writing , correspond , keep in touch, draw up, commit , transcribe , indite , autograph , draft , take down , typewrite , produce, pencil , put together, communicate, set forth , sign, set down , knock out , keep in contact, draft

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How To Define Write?

  • In the insurance industry: insurance and / or subscriptions.

Meanings of Write

  1. Mark a surface, usually with paper, pen, pencil or similar tool.

  2. Write for reproduction or publication in written or printed form

  3. Insert (data) into an electronic or magnetic storage device or in a specific place in the computer file system.

  4. Take out (insurance policy)

Sentences of Write

  1. Files can be read and written directly to the file system.

Synonyms of Write

commit to paper, get in touch, mark down, make a list of, formulate, write down, think up, jot down, make a note of, create, put in black and white, dash off, invent, list, register, note down, write a letter, drop someone a line, compose, inscribe, drop someone a note, log, put down, compile


What is The Definition of Write?

  1. A simple definition of Write is: In the insurance industry: insure and / or underwrite.

Meanings of Write

  1. On a surface, usually mark with a paper, pen, pencil, or similar tool (a letter, word, or other symbol).

  2. Writing (text or work) for reproduction or publication in written or printed form, making them in literary form and registering in writing.

  3. Insert (data) into electronic or magnetic storage device or computer file system in specific space.