How To Define Write-Up?

  1. A simple definition of Write-Up is: An appraisal is an increase in the book value of an asset because the value of the book is less than its fair value. Error usually occurs when a company is acquired and its assets and liabilities are adjusted at a reasonable price using the M&A Accounting Procedure. This can also happen if the initial value of the asset is not recorded correctly or if the previous receivables are too large to be written off. Asset prices are declining and both are non-financial items.

Literal Meanings of Write-Up


Meanings of Write:
  1. Mark any surface, usually with a pen, pencil or similar tool, on paper (letters, words or other symbols).

  2. Write, write and send (letters) to someone.

  3. Write (text or a work) for its production or publication in written form or in print, bring it in literary form and enter it in writing.

  4. Insert (data) into an electronic or magnetic storage device, or at a specific location in a computer file system.

  5. Refund (insurance policy)

Sentences of Write
  1. Write his name on a piece of paper

  2. I wrote a letter to Allison

  3. I didn't know you wrote poetry

  4. Files can be read and written to the file system.

  5. The doctors felt that no insurance company would buy them a policy at any cost.

Synonyms of Write

keep in contact, set down, put in black and white, make a list of, invent, get in touch, communicate, think up, keep in touch, produce, sign, put together, scribble, formulate, commit to paper, create, mark down, pen, register, put in writing, record, compile, dash off, write a letter, pencil


Meanings of Up:
  1. From a low point to a high point (something).

  2. Do something sudden or bold.

  3. Reason for raising (level or amount).

  4. Elevator (something)

  5. In a pleasant moment or in a good mood.

  6. Directed or moved to a higher position or location

  7. (Computer system or industrial process) working properly.

  8. In a passionate and cheerful mood.

  9. (Knight) In the saddle.

  10. A stable (diverse) quark fragrance with relatively low mass and +2/3 electric charge. In the standard model, protons and neutrons consist of ascending and descending quarks.

  11. Up to a high place or position.

  12. Intensity or volume or high level of activity.

  13. In or in the capital or major city.

  14. In the desired or appropriate condition.

Sentences of Up
  1. Go up the stairs

  2. Capacity will increase by 70% next year

  3. Everyone appreciates and raises their glasses

  4. Escalator

  5. The contract expires in three weeks

  6. The system is now installed

  7. The atmosphere here must continue to grow

  8. It changed the volume

  9. Dot did not hear that Mrs. Pervais was behind it.

Synonyms of Up

clear up, augment, upward, inflate, lighten, extend, elevate, swell, raise, light up, become brighter, make bigger, enlarge, to the top, become bright, multiply, supplement, become fine, become sunny, brighten up, build up, towards a higher level, expand, brighten, become light, make greater, break, make larger, uphill, become lighter