What is The Meaning of Write-protect?

  1. Write-protect can be defined as, Protect data on media or files from accidental deletion or editing during calculations.

Literal Meanings of Write-protect


Meanings of Write:
  1. Mark any surface, usually with a pen, pencil or similar tool, on paper (letters, words or other symbols).

  2. Write, write and send (letters) to someone.

  3. Write (text or work) for reproduction and publication in written form or in print, so as to keep it in literary form and enter it in writing.

  4. Insert (data) into an electronic or magnetic storage device, or at a specific location in a computer file system.

  5. Refund (insurance policy)

Sentences of Write
  1. Write his name on a piece of paper

  2. I wrote a letter to Allison

  3. I didn't know you wrote poetry

  4. Files can be read and written to the file system.

  5. The doctors felt that no insurance company would buy them a policy at any cost.

Synonyms of Write

inscribe, note down, put in black and white, register, note, draft, get in touch, draw up, formulate, pen, keep in contact, jot down, produce, keep in touch, log, pencil, set down, write down, communicate, commit to paper, dash off, compose, make a note of, scrawl, correspond, make a list of, put together, put in writing, write a letter, sign


Meanings of Protect:
  1. Protect yourself from harm or injury.

Sentences of Protect
  1. Trying to save Kelly from attack

Synonyms of Protect

guard, stand guard on, keep from harm, save, safeguard, cushion, preserve, secure, shelter, fortify, shield, mount guard on, keep safe, screen, defend