Write Downs

Write Downs,

How To Define Write Downs?

  1. A simple definition of Write Downs is: Decrease in market value of an investment in terms of prices.

Literal Meanings of Write Downs


Meanings of Write:
  1. Mark any surface, usually with a pen, pencil or similar tool, on paper (letters, words or other symbols).

  2. Write, write and send (letters) to someone.

  3. Writing (text or work) for its production or publication in written form or in print, converting it into literary form and recording it in written form.

  4. Insert (data) into an electronic or magnetic storage device, or at a specific location in a computer file system.

  5. Refund (insurance policy)

Sentences of Write
  1. Write his name on a piece of paper

  2. I wrote a letter to Allison

  3. I didn't know you wrote poetry

  4. Files can be read and written to the file system.

  5. The doctors felt that no insurance company would buy them a policy at any cost.

Synonyms of Write

keep in contact, make a note of, correspond, put down, pen, note, commit to paper, list, dash off, put in black and white, get in touch, log, compile, make a list of, set down, put together, register, draft, write a letter, write down, put in writing, communicate, take down, keep in touch, formulate, note down, mark down, sign


Meanings of Downs:
  1. From (something) high to low

  2. Each time (time period)

  3. Hit or throw to the ground.

  4. To use (something, usually a beverage)

  5. A moment of unwanted experiences or a negative mood.

  6. When the team has a chance to move the ball forward when dealing with a ball career or getting out of the ball game. A team must move at least ten yards in four attempts to catch the ball.

  7. Directing or moving to a lower location.

  8. Neither happy nor sad

  9. Temporarily unusable or unavailable (from a computer system).

  10. Help or support someone.

  11. Name the fragrance of stable quarks (variety) which has relatively low volume and electric charge -1 / 3. In the standard model, protons and neutrons consist of ascending and descending quarks.

Sentences of Downs
  1. Stairs up and down

  2. Astrology for centuries

  3. This disadvantage should not be overly negative, as Texas does not generally use nasal tools.

  4. Escalator down

  5. Very depressed lately

  6. Sorry, but the computer is not working

  7. At this energy level, there are only quarks, electrons and electron neutrinos above and below.

  8. He looks down

  9. be quiet

  10. The scandal trampled on the government

  11. Graham wrote the numbers carefully

Synonyms of Downs

guzzle, throughout, trip up, gulp down, rugby-tackle, lower in, broken, inoperative, bring to the ground, depressed, sad, in low spirits, despondent, in, out of order, fuzz, gulp, sorrowful, glum, drink, drink down, dispirited