1. Write-Down can be defined as, Depreciation is an accounting term used to describe a decrease in the carrying amount of an asset when its fair value (FMV) falls below its carrying amount and hence it becomes an asset. Which is bad The amount that can be valued is the difference between the book value of the asset and the amount the company receives if it deals with it ideally.

    • Error is necessary if the fair value of the asset (FMV) is less than the current carrying amount.
    • The income statement contains erroneous costs that reduce profits.
    • In the balance sheet, the value of an asset reduces the difference between the value of the book and the amount of money that the company can get from the maximum sales.
    • Income cannot be deducted from income tax until the asset is sold or transferred.
    • If the assets are for sale, the depreciation should cover the expected sale price.

Literal Meanings of Write-Down


Meanings of Write:
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