Write down

Write down,

Definition of Write down:

  1. Downward revision of the book value of an asset to reflect its current market value that has dropped below the book value. The amount by which the book value is reduced is charged against the earnings as an expense or loss.

  2. A reduction in the estimated or nominal value of an asset.

How to use Write down in a sentence?

  1. I was told to write down all of the different possibilities that could happen and they would be a reference for us later on down the road.
  2. A company may be far more reluctant to terminate an ongoing activity because to do so may require restatements of earnings and asset write-downs that could very well attract regulatory attention and prompt shareholder lawsuits.
  3. Bob realized the accounting department would have to write down several of their high end divisions at tax time and knew the executive management team wouldnt be happy to hear about that.
  4. You may find that there has been a write down and you must try to get whatever you can from what it is you have.

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