What is The Definition of Wrap?

  • A simple definition of Wrap is: At the end of filming, when everything is ready, the sets can be taken out and everyone can get out.

Meanings of Wrap

  1. Cover or cover (someone or something) with paper or a soft material.

  2. When an edge is reached, it automatically performs internal tasks such as reasons for scrolling to a new line (a word or unit of text), or an image.

  3. Stop recording or recording.

  4. A loose coat or a piece of cloth.

  5. Sandwich with soft tortilla wrapped filling.

  6. End of filming or recording session.

  7. Summary for bodypack

Sentences of Wrap

  1. Last Christmas, I was still collecting presents at 1:00.

  2. The program can automatically wrap text around irregularly formatted graphics

  3. Beach wrap

  4. Point Cafe offers a variety of breakfast options, as well as soups, salads, sandwiches and wraps.

Synonyms of Wrap

shawl, mantle, cover , stole, fold, swaddle, wind, envelop, mantle , cloak , fur , sheathe, blanket , swathe, cape, cape , stole , bundle up, shawl , enfold, coat

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Wrap: What is the Meaning of Wrap?

The end of a stupid movie when it's all over and you get up on stage and everyone leaves.

Meanings of Wrap

  1. Cover or wrap with paper or soft material.

  2. Reaching edges (words or text units) automatically causes a new line to be moved, or adapted to images such as built-in functions.

  3. Full movie or recording.

  4. Loose coat or piece of cloth.

  5. Tartella is wrapped in a filling and eaten as a sandwich.

  6. At the end of the filming or recording session.

Sentences of Wrap

  1. Candle wrapped in tissue paper

  2. The program can automatically wrap text around randomly formatted graphics.

  3. Three days later we completed the work as planned.

  4. On the right is a package.

Synonyms of Wrap

serape, gift-wrap, pack, enclose, parcel up, do up, pelerine, parcel, mantlet, package, encase, scarf, pack up, poncho, pelisse, lap, tie up, muffle


What is The Meaning of Wrap?

  1. The end of a stupid movie when it's all over and you can get on stage and everyone can go from there.

Meanings of Wrap

  1. Reaches an edge or automatically moves an image according to a built-in function (words or text units) to a new line.

  2. An omelette is wrapped around a filling that is eaten as a sandwich.

Sentences of Wrap

  1. The candle is wrapped in tissue paper

  2. Three days later we finished as planned.