Wow Factor

Wow Factor,

Wow Factor Definition:

  • Direct reference of products, properties, etc. People are amazed and amazed when they see you for the first time.

Literal Meanings of Wow Factor


Meanings of Wow:
  1. Express your surprise or appreciation.

  2. Thrilling success.

  3. Very impressive and inspiring (someone).

  4. Slow fluctuations in the sound reproduction visible on long notes.

Sentences of Wow
  1. The CD ends on an incredible note, with easy, deep and beautiful tracks.

Synonyms of Wow

regale, divert, sell-out, cheer, make laugh, triumph, box-office success, beguile, gladden, tickle, sensation, delight, winner, cheer up, success, charm, entertain, convulse, please, enliven


Meanings of Factor:
  1. A situation, reality or influence that contributes to a result or outcome.

  2. Multiplying a large number or quantity by another provides a specific number or expression.

  3. One of the many substances in the blood is identified primarily by numbers and is involved in clotting.

  4. A sales agent is a trader who buys and sells on a commission basis.

  5. Another term to consider

  6. Organize (software source code) into components that are easy to maintain and use.

  7. Sell ​​(your loan) to the postman.

Sentences of Factor
  1. Understand the time factor and act quickly

  2. Values ​​greater than one thousand or more elements

  3. This involves changing the balance between procoagulant and anticoagulant factors in the blood.

  4. His father was the chief postman of the Hudson's Bay Company

  5. Last year, researchers calculated a 155-digit number

  6. They receive rent while they consider the property as a mortgage

Synonyms of Factor

middleman, component, facet, consideration, deputy, detail, intermediary, agent, aspect, ingredient, constituent, part, item, characteristic, feature, point, go-between, thing, strand, influence