Definition of Worth:

  1. Equivalent in value to the sum or item specified.

  2. Measure of value received, material or resources expended, satisfaction derived, or perceived importance of something tangible or intangible. It may be expressed either in monetary or in non-price terms.

  3. The value equivalent to that of someone or something under consideration; the level at which someone or something deserves to be valued or rated.

Synonyms of Worth

Accent, Account, Ad valorem, Advantage, Advantageousness, Agreeableness, Appraised, Approbation, Approval, Assessed, Auspiciousness, Avail, Behalf, Behoof, Beneficialness, Benefit, Benevolence, Benignity, Blessed with, Caliber, Class, Cogency, Concern, Concernment, Consequence, Consequentiality, Consideration, Convenience, Conversion factor, Credit, Dearness, Desert, Emphasis, Enfeoffed, Esteem, Estimation, Evaluated, Excellence, Expedience, Extraordinary worth, Face, Face value, Fairness, Favor, Favorableness, Fineness, First-rateness, Fortune, Good for, Goodliness, Goodness, Grace, Great price, Great value, Having, Having and holding, Healthiness, Helpfulness, High order, High rank, Holding, Honor, Import, Importance, In possession of, Interest, Invaluableness, Kindness, Landed, Landholding, Landowning, Mark, Market value, Master of, Materiality, Merit, Moment, Net worth, Niceness, Note, Occupying, Owning, Par value, Paramountcy, Pennyworth, Percentage, Perfection, Pleasantness, Point, Possessed of, Possessing, Precedence, Preciousness, Preeminence, Price, Priced, Pricelessness, Primacy, Priority, Prized, Pro rata, Profit, Profitableness, Propertied, Property, Property-owning, Quality, Rate, Rated, Regard, Resources, Respect, Rewardingness, Riches, Seized of, Self-importance, Service, Significance, Skillfulness, Soundness, Stature, Stress, Substance, Superiority, Supremacy, Tenured, Use, Usefulness, Utility, Validity, Valuableness, Valuation, Value, Value received, Valued, Valued at, Virtue, Virtuousness, Weight, Wholeness

How to use Worth in a sentence?

  1. They had to listen to every piece of gossip and judge its worth.
  2. You may not know the true worth of your product until you have finally put it out on the open market.
  3. Jewelry worth $450 was taken.
  4. The lawyer had discovered that the estates worth was much greater than anyone in the family had anticipated before planning to sell it.
  5. I noticed the guy hid his face and it made me wonder if he had any self worth , or confidence in himself and who he was.

Meaning of Worth & Worth Definition

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