How Do You Define Worms?

Dogs and cats can be infected with a number of intestinal parasites, commonly called worms. The most common are round worms, tapeworms, lung worms, whip worms and tapeworms. Insect solutions can be used to kill your pet's pests. If your pet is not treated, illness, diarrhea, weakness, weight loss, cough, and wheezing can occur. Please note that if your pet is not up to date with pesticides, we cannot attempt to cover up any related claims.

Meanings of Worms

  1. An industrial city on the Rhine, northwest of Mannheim, West Germany, with a population of 82,200 (2006 estimate). 1521 Diet at Warmer condemns Martin Luther's teachings.

Synonyms of Worms

rounder , boor , rascal , clown , rotter , heel , lout , dog , louse , scoundrel , rake , stinker , bounder , rat , cur , creep