Worldwide Coverage

Worldwide Coverage,

What is The Meaning of Worldwide Coverage?

  1. Comprehensive coverage is a feature of some insurance policies offered by insurance companies that provide comprehensive coverage against loss or damage to the insured company or person. Comprehensive insurance coverage ensures that whenever a person's personal property is lost, stolen or damaged, all related damages will be covered. It also covers some aspects of the company's financial losses.

    • Global Coverage is a global policy provided by an insurance company that protects the insured company or person from loss or damage anywhere in the world.
    • Global insurance coverage may only be valid for a certain period of time and may need to be renewed from time to time.
    • Depending on the type and amount of documentation and premium coverage required for worldwide coverage.
    • Global coverage generally applies only to personal property, business abuse and crime.
    • In the United States, most insurance for workers' compensation, commercial automobiles, and civic liability covers only the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.
    • If a policy does not identify the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinsurance, it usually means that it has worldwide coverage.

Literal Meanings of Worldwide Coverage


Meanings of Worldwide:
  1. Spread or reach the whole world.

  2. Worldwide.

Sentences of Worldwide
  1. Worldwide sale of television rights

  2. He travels the world as a consultant.

Synonyms of Worldwide

far-reaching, world, pandemic, across the board, wide-ranging, all-embracing, universal, extensive, intercontinental, ubiquitous, general, global, international, planetary, widespread, common


Meanings of Coverage:
  1. The degree to which something is related to something else.

  2. An area that can be covered by a given volume or weight of a substance.

  3. How much protection does an insurance policy provide?

  4. As a defender or team defends the safety of a player, zone or game.

Sentences of Coverage
  1. Grammar does not provide complete language coverage.

  2. Coverage is 6.5 square meters per liter.

  3. Mentoman blanket